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Last week I was in the middle of a garage sale and I just couldn’t stay up any later to do Feminine Friday. Sophia is about ready to turn 3 months (where has the time gone!) and life is so busy. I know we are not alone in being busy though, almost every family we talk to sounds overwhelmed with the business.

Fireworks - The Modest Mom


Dress (Available at Deborah & Co.)~ Shrug ~ Sandals ~ Necklace ~ Purse ~ Flexi Clip

I actually still have no idea what I’m going to wear for the 4th of July. It’s always a really big event that we are in charge of (along with some other family members), all of our church comes to my mother in law’s house for a day of skits, a historical speech, music, and of course lots of food and fun!

If I wasn’t nursing I would wear the outfit above!

Classic Green - The Modest Mom

Classic Green

Skirt ~ White Top ~ Modest Layering Tank ~ Sandals ~ Necklace ~ Flexi Clip

I really like the style of the lace top in this outfit. It’s a popular style right now, but I have yet to try one on. Has anyone had success with layering a tank under one so your bra straps don’t show through?

Summer Blues - The Modest Mom

Summer Blues

Skirt ~ Layering Tee (Deborah & Co.) ~ Cardigan (Deborah & Co.) ~ Earrings ~ Sandals ~ Flexi Clip

I wore this cardigan Sunday and loved it! It is really soft and comfortable, and I wasn’t even hot in the midwest heat!  Those earrings look adorable, I recently found a pair of Navy blue earrings from JCPenny that are a new favorite for me.

This Friday and Saturday only you can save $5 off any $30 order! Use the code: 5OFF30 to save at Deborah & Co. 

Save $5 off your $30 order Friday and Saturday only!

We also just added new Halftee colors!

Modest Halftee Tanks!

These are available in the Tanks and Short sleeve halftees. The Halftees have reversible necklines, the lower neckline is shown in the picture, you can see a picture of me wearing a halftee with a higher neckline here.

Have a lovely weekend!

6 Comments on Feminine Friday Modest Outfits!

  1. My daughters have a few shirts that have the lace like that, or look modest enough in the store, but end up fitting differently at home, and are too low or too short, so they have a stash of tank tops. Anytime I find them on sale I buy as many as I can, and they wear them under nearly everything. Wide straps to cover bra straps, high front (often the thin strapped cami), and some extra long ones for tummies (unfortunately, I rarely find one that covers them all at the same time – I buy extras when I do).

  2. So pretty! You’ve definitely convinced me that I need more layering shirts. 🙂 When I wear shirts with lace or sheer fabric on the top like that I usually wear a nude camisole or tank underneath. That way it blends into your skin and doesn’t distract from the lace!

      • I just wear a nude bra. I my two favorite bra colors right now are nude and black. Honestly though, if your hair is long enough you won’t see bra straps anyways. I think bra straps showing is only tacky with tank tops. If your bras have skinny straps to them, no one would think its a bra anyways.

        If you wear a cami with skinny straps, you’ll see those straps. I’m not sure I’m understanding the hiding the bra straps? Many light colored tops you can see the outline of bra straps.

  3. I love your Classic Green outfit! it’s funny, I actually have those sandals (you can get them at Beall’s for those wondering) and they’re they most comfortable thing ever! I haven’t tried covering up my bra straps with those shirts, but a majority of the time I wear nude ones and since I’m fair I don’t seem to have any issues 🙂 however, I know Old Navy sells some tank tops that could be wide enough to cover your bra straps!

  4. Yeah… I’m old fashioned. I want the straps covered. They are part of our underwear. They shouldn’t be seen. If the blouse is sheer enough to see the straps, more coverage is needed.

    With the lace top, any color tank will show off the lace, even hot pink or navy blue.

    While nursing the last baby or two, I bought men’s A-shirts with the big armholes to layer with shirts and blouses. I nursed through the armhole. It worked very well! I bought different colors. I made a few out of other fabrics. They are pretty simple.

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