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We have been receiving good feedback on the Character Badges program we released this week! One mom wrote me this:

“It took me two hours to print out, laminate and get the older children’s version up on the wall for my middle three children. We all love it. It takes away all of the negativity of disciplining.
My kids know exactly what is expected and what will happen otherwise. It puts everything on them and no longer on me to keep “tabs” on everyone. Yay, no more hall monitor detail for mom!

I woke up to my 11 year old daughter crying this morning. She had broken a house rule, she knew she had done wrong, she put an “X” on her own chart then came to me and confessed what she had done.

So that’s my testimonial to only using it a single day and it working marvelously.

Thanks for a well-thought out program that’s super easy to implement in an already super busy household.”

The Character Badges program is for ages 5-12.

The Little Character Badges is for ages 3-5. These are two separate programs that compliment each other. The Little Character Badges is an easier version of the older Character Badges program.

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  1. I have not trained my son to stop immediately when I say “stop.” He usually has to do one more time before he stops. With a new baby in the house, I can’t always immediately deal with it. He loves charts and stickers; maybe we’ll have to try Character Badges.

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