I’ve always dreamed of having a family closet!  I should clarify though, we don’t have a true family closet. It’s actually a girl’s closet. With four girls in our family it has been a dream come true to set up a main closet area to store all those girls clothes in.

I’ll set you up the scene that led me to dream this up. We previously had four girls in one very small bedroom. I can’t tell you how many mom meltdowns I had because girl clothes were strewn over the bedroom floor. I tried training the girls to put their clothes in their drawers, and to use the hamper every single night but it was a battle that we never seemed to conquer. Our oldest daughter loves a clean and tidy room and it was a frustration to her that the room couldn’t seem to stay clean.

Once we moved I immediately spotted the potential for a family closet in our laundry room. I shared yesterday the before and after pictures of our laundry room makeover, but I didn’t include pictures of the tall cabinet we have in that room.

Setting up a family closet in the laundry room.

As soon as I saw these cabinets I knew I would keep the girl’s clothes here!

Family closet in laundry room


Each girl has their own laundry basket. I wrote their name on mini chalkboards and put velcro strips on the back of them to attach them to the baskets. Here is a total mom confession, at this point we are not even folding the clothes. We just throw them in each basket out of the dryer, but we do hang up the church dresses!

Chalkboard sign from laundry room.

The girls do have more clothes than this, but we have a lot of clothes still packed up from moving. 🙂

Family Closet set up in the laundry room.

The bottom two baskets are for dirty clothes.

So how exactly does this work? 

The girls come in the laundry room each morning and just get dressed right there. We have a pocket door on our laundry room and they just close that when they get dressed. The dirty clothes go in those bottom laundry baskets, and then it leaves zero clothes mess in their bedrooms! In the evening they go to the laundry room and get their pajamas on, and once again the dirty clothes go right into those dirty clothes baskets.


I can’t even begin to tell you what a relief this has been for me!

Another huge plus is that the clothes get washed a lot faster, which helps stains on clothes. Every mom knows the frustration of pulling clothes out of a hamper where stains have set on them for days on end! This really helps avoid that.

While getting clothes washed faster is important for helping stains, so is using good laundry detergent that works well! Right now at Sam’s Club they just cut prices on Tide original detergent (the 225f oz. size) by $4 through September 25th! You can get a huge container for just $19.98, which works out to only 14 cents per load!

Tide Detergent at Sam's Club.

My mother in law uses Tide detergent and she frequently washes all the children’s clothes for me when they spend the night at her house. Yes, I’m blessed. Maybe a little spoiled by how great she is. My girls always love how their clothes smell, but it amuses me how much Sean loves the smell of Tide detergent!

Tide Detergent at Sam's Club.

Through September 17, shoppers can also save $2 off the purchase of any Downy Unstopables, Downy Fresh Protect or Gain Fireworks In-Wash Scent Booster. These products provide odor protection and a fresh boost of your favorite laundry scent around-the-clock.

Both deals are available in-club and online at SamsClub.com, and no coupons are needed!

I’d love to know if you have a family closet! Do you have any tips for keeping your children’s room clean without clothes on the floor? I know other moms would love to hear! 


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Tide at Sam’s Club. The opinions and text are all mine.



12 Comments on Creating A Family Closet In The Laundry Room

  1. My Mom washes all our ‘white’-type clothes. But that’s because our water is so hard nothing comes clean and sunscreen turns our clothes orange. Mom’s in town so her water is much softer. I agree, it’s so nice to be handed a bag of clean laundry that I didn’t have to wash or fold 🙂 My washer is in the dungeon of a cellar (110 year old house) so I spend as little time down there as possible. I love the idea of a family closet.

  2. We don’t have a family closet , we tried it and it was to hard for us. Our kids share a room for now, but their clothes are separated in closets. We also use Tide and absolutely love it..our clothes smell clean compared to the other detergents that left them smelling awful if I forgot to swap them over.

  3. We don’t have a family clothes closet but we do have a children’s socks & shoes closet! The front entryway closet has a four-space cubby on the flooor under the coat hanger bar. On top of the cubby we keep the kids’ backpacks, and inside each cubby we store shoes and socks–there is a cubby for church shoes, play shoes, sandals/slippers, and the fourth has a pull out fabric bin that holds all 5 of the kids’ socks (we try to get just white and black socks, in whatever sizes we need–saves matching problems and stress!!). The kids can put away their shoes easily and then shoes & socks aren’t all over their bedroom floor (usually…haha…our oldest is 6, so the kids are still young and “in-training” for putting their things away!).

  4. We have a sister closet. I realized early on that dress lengths vary wildly from size to size so my eldest had a lot of unused clothes because they were already too short and it also wasn’t as easy as storing them in tubs by size like the boys outgrown clothes. I hung ALL the dresses in one half of their closet by length and put the dresses they currently wear in the other half. Now when someone’s dresses are getting too short I “file” them on the other side and pull out the next set of dresses that little sister needs.
    Another thing that has helped us is having a used clothing drawer – at the end of the day if their clothes are clean enough to be worn again they fold them and put them in the used drawer, the next morning the put their pajamas in the drawer and check for an outfit they can wear again before getting out something new. usually we have three or four outfits they rotate through before I move them to the hamper.

  5. I love this! I might have to consider doing something like this with my kids. I love that you don’t fold the clothes; brilliant!

    Do the girls change into a new pair of pajamas each night or do they just throw those back in the clean basket, or hang them somewhere when they get dressed in the morning so that they can wear them again that night?

    • They put the pajamas back into their clean basket until I say it’s dirty. 🙂 I’m glad you like it! It’s been such a help to me!

  6. Your laundry room has turned out wonderful! My mom used Tide, too. She always said that it was one of the only detergents that would get dad’s clothes clean. (Dad was a heavy equipment operator.)

  7. I’m from Nigeria, growing up I remember that we had a very big drawer in a family if 5 kids(3 female and 2 male) with different sections and we used that as our wardrobe. But as we grew up there came the need for privacy and for our personalities to be established.
    It’s a good idea but I it dies not seem practicable for me in the long run. For instance your first daughter from what I read is already and here comes the time where she made need the privacy and her own space( I don’t fancy the ladies using the laundry room to change but ofcourse i can see its only temporary) It does not separate her from being a sister to her siblings and I don’t know how big her room is but if there’s a little space, your husband can either build a wardrobe or a cloth rack for her (infact all the girls) depending on the size of her room.
    Then for the wardrobe near the laundry room, it can be used for dirty clothes or the family can use that as everyone’s shoe closet or you can use it to hang winter coats. I believe that would be more practicable for everyone.

    • The laundry room has a door they close to change in, and there also is a small bathroom right off the laundry room that they can use as well. So far it’s working out well.

  8. I have found that folding the clothes in the laundry room before i bring them to my room helps. They may sit folded in the basket for a couple days, but at least clean clothes don’t end up being pushed onto the floor when it’s time to go to bed if i haven’t dealt with them. We try to have a bedroom clean up time before bed, and that makes the kid’s room manageable. But it takes a lot of reminding for them to deal with the clothes they just took off!

  9. We do have a family closet!! We have 3 kids, one on the way. And 4 bedrooms. I didn’t love having to collect all the clothes from each room. But I also found it difficult to put away laundry in each kids room with them each having their own dresser and closet. So I decided 1st we all need to own less. So I paired down our things. Then I moved everyone’s stuff into our master closet. I have those wardrobe cloth organizers. That have like 5-6 cubbies? I have one for each child, so each kid has 5 cloth cubbies hanging. Then they each have a spot to hang clothes. The beauty of this is I fold laundry on my bed and then immediately put it away. Whereas I used to be forced to put it away in a basket bc they were sleeping. In the cubbies each cubby is for something different. Leggings, pants, pjs, onesies, socks & underwear. Then dresses, cardigans and shirts and sweaters get hung up. It works so well. And then I keep one basket on top of the shelf above each kids cubby. This is for stuff they may grow into next season. And there’s a basket on the floor for stuff they have outgrown. That gets moved to the basement eventually for storage.

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