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Christmas Surprises Activity Tree!

December is here and I just barely have a plan of what we are doing. We will start our advent readings today and I’m excited about pulling out our Jesse tree and ornaments to use! This year Sean designed something new to help us create a memorable Christmas season. It’s going to be such a […]

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A Shabby Chic Baby Shower!

My sister and brother in law (who is my double brother in law, my older sister married my husband’s younger brother!) recently were incredibly blessed to adopt a newborn little girl. They have not been able to have biological children, so they now have 3 beautiful children that are in their family through adoption. They […]

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Preparing For Thanksgiving When You Feel Overwhelmed

Exhausted Overwhelmed Discouraged I feel like so many moms are battling these feelings, myself included. It can be over the simplest things, or it can be intense, put-you-on-your knees type battles. The struggle to be a good housekeeper, to not yell at our children, to get all the homeschooling accomplished each day, meals on the […]

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Creating A Family Closet In The Laundry Room

I’ve always dreamed of having a family closet!  I should clarify though, we don’t have a true family closet. It’s actually a girl’s closet. With four girls in our family it has been a dream come true to set up a main closet area to store all those girls clothes in. I’ll set you up […]

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