We have a brand new digital store! I’m so excited about it, Sean worked hard on creating a storefront where all of our digital items would be in one place for you all.

To celebrate the new store, we are having a HUGE crazy sale on Wednesday for you. The early bird will get the worm!! Find out more details at the end of the post!Β 

You can now click on each product and see sample pages on most of the items!

Our two biggest products are the Well Ordered Kitchen planner and our Homeschool planner!

The Well Ordered Kitchen planner is awesome for planning out daily, weekly, and monthly meals, writing down grocery shopping lists, pantry and freezer inventory lists. It even includes adorable mason jar labels, recipe box dividers, and so much more! I love that this is a one time investment, and you are set for life!

Here is a review on it:

“The Well Ordered Kitchen Deluxe version is exactly what I needed to help me get started with meal planning. I am a very picky person and when I came across your shop I knew I found what I was searching for. I had literally been searching for hours. We are a family of 8 and are always on the go. Now that I have a way to help me meal plan, my freezer is stalked with slow cooker freezer meals and my family has a meal ready for them just about every night. It’s so nice to come home late after a volleyball game or what ever activity we’ve been to and not have to worry about “What’s for dinner?” Thank you for being inside my head lol πŸ˜‰ and creating an awesome organizational tool for me!”

The Homeschool Planner has the motto, Simply Plan, Simply Homeschool. This planner is not full of extra fills on the sides, rather we designed it so you would have plenty of space to write in it, thinking of moms with multiple children who want to use one planner. This planner is evergreen, meaning it’s undated so you can use it year after year! Included is 12 beautiful designed quote pages, to use as dividers for each month.


– Weekly Planner (2 page spread)

– Monthly Planner (2 page spread)

– Subject Goals

– Semester Goals

– Hourly Schedule

– Reading List

– ‘To Purchase’ List

– Field Trip Planner

– Memorization Planner

– Attendance Sheet

– Notes

– 12 Inspirational Quote Pages (one per month)

– Cover

– Binder Spine Panel

– Instructions (how to print and assemble your planner)

Here are some reviews on this planner:

“Love this planner! I searched and searched to find something that would suit our needs, and this one is PERFECT! I love that it’s extremely functional while still maintaining a level of simplicity. I also appreciate the fact that the font and colors are lovely, clean, and not at all hard on my printer’s ink supply.”

“Absolutely perfect planner! I’m so happy I purchased this!”

30 Days of Loving Your Man is a fun 30 day challenge to strengthen your marriage!

Most people who have been married any length of time know that, as blissful as it is, your honeymoon doesn’t last forever. Eventually real life settles in and tries its hardest to rob you of much needed one on one time. This is where ’30 Days’ can help.

Included in this PDF download are 30 printable cards, each containing a different activity to help you reconnect with your husband. You can go through each challenge in order, or mix them up day by day – it’s up to you!

Also included are 8 beautifully designed ‘love note’ cards for you to print out and give to your husband throughout the challenge. There are even 4 bonus cards with empty space for you to personalize a message.


“This little package is adorable. I bought this along with some date idea cards and coupons. We are new parents and we are trying to learn how to make time for us between work and little man. This item is definitely going to help. So cute.”

Wordmarbles is a fun and simple activity designed to encourage your children to use kind words when they speak to others!

Included in this instant PDF download are 5 fun labels which enable you to turn a bowl and a couple of Mason jars into a rewarding lesson about the power of the tongue. Simply print your labels, cut them out, stick them to your jars and you’re ready to go! Detailed instructions are included.


Wordmarbles has four simple parts – the ‘Kind Words’ jar, the ‘Mean Words’ jar, the ‘Words Bowl’, and of course, marbles! Whenever you hear your child using kind or gentle words, simply tell them that they get to take a marble out of the ‘Words Bowl’ and place it in the ‘Kind Words’ jar! Conversely, whenever you hear them using harsh or unkind words, tell them to take a marble out of the ‘Words’ bowl and put it in the ‘Mean Words’ jar.

There are colored gauges for you to attach to the ‘Kind Words’ and ‘Mean Words’ jars to help you implement rewards and consequences based on how full either jar is with marbles. As the jars fill up, you can reward or correct your child as you see fit. For instance, you might tell your child that if they’re able to fill their ‘Kind Words’ jar up by the end of the month, you’ll go out for ice cream! There really is no limit to what you can do – just be creative and watch as your child begins to choose kind words over mean words when they speak.

Getting in shape and staying fit is hard work. It’s especially hard to set a routine and stick with it. That’s where the “Let’s Go!” fitness planner can help.

Like your own personal accountability partner, the “Let’s Go!” fitness planner consists of 12 thoughtfully designed pages dedicated to everything from setting big fitness goals to tracking your progress to meal planning and more! Outline the ‘why’ behind your goals, monitor your activity, and celebrate each little victory as you go along.

If you’re looking for a planner purposefully designed to help you set meaningful fitness goals and see them through to the end, the “Let’s Go!” fitness planner is for you!


“It is the best planner I have ever used as far as tracking weightloss! Great product & super convenient!”

“This is a great tool to help you track fitness and diet, whether you are trying to lose weight, just maintain it, or have other fitness and health related goals. It is very easy to use and everything is laid out very clearly.”

Create a delightfully simple and fun toy with the Stackapals PDF download.

Featuring adorable illustrated children, this download enables you to make wooden block people that can be mixed, matched, and stacked into all kinds of fun combinations!

Stackapals can also be cut out and applied to magnets for fun on the refrigerator or to wooden tiles or cardboard squares for fun on the go!

Constructing your Stackapals is simple. Just print them out, cut out the paper squares, apply them to wooden blocks with glue (or use sticker paper) and start stacking!

12 different Stackapals people (6 girls and 6 boys) along with detailed assembly instructions and a handy materials list are included in your download.


“Great product!! Super fast download and they printed beautifully. Instructions were included. Put these together in about 30 minutes. Can’t wait to give them to my nephews!! If you are looking for a cute handmade toy, I definitely recommend these!”

Starting Wednesday morning at 7:00 AM Central Standard Time, we are having a crazy, out of this world sale! Every two hours the price increases, so the early bird gets the best price! Every single item will be on sale!

Here is an example of the sale prices that will start at 7:00 AM!

Well Ordered Kitchen Planner – normally $17.99 – SALE $5.99!

The Homeschool Planner – normally $12.99 – SALE $3.99!

30 Days of Loving Your Man – Normally $6.99 – SALE $1.99!

Every two hours the price will increase, so don’t miss out!! This all starts tomorrow morning at 7:00 AM Central time!






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