A Modest Clothing Checklist that  covers the basics of what is helpful to have in your closet! Tweak this list for your unique needs, but use it as a starting guide for creating your modest wardrobe! | themodestmomblog.com

What does a modest clothing checklist look like? Every woman will have their own opinion, but here is a list of things you can choose from to build your closet. We’ll be talking more in-depth about some of these items and how to find things at affordable prices as we go through the series.


Maxi skirts are an essential list in my wardrobe! When you get solid color maxi skirts they go with everything!


1-2 Denim Skirts (I wear denim skirts like other people wear jeans. Everything goes with them, and they can get dirty!)

1 black dressy skirt

1 khaki skirt

1-3 dressy skirts (can be a solid color to match with different tops, or a print you love). I actually wear a lot of skirts throughout the week that I wear to church as well. I have solid colored maxi skirts that I like because of their versatility. I dress them up for church with nicer tops, and during the week I wear more casual tops with them.


A classic Little Black Dress!


A classic black dress that could be paired with a cardigan!

I recommend that you have at least 1 nice dress for special occasions. The classic “little black dress” is hard to find (in my opinion) when you take modesty into account. Finding a solid color dress that you can change the look of depending on what you pair it with would be the most versatile. There are lots of nice maxi dresses available now that would fit the bill!


1 nice white blouse

1 black blouse

1-3 printed blouses, or solid color to go with your printed skirts

1 Chambray blouse (I’m going to admit I don’t have one! I keep looking for one I love, but I still can’t find it!)


Blouses are nice, but there is definitely a place for more relaxed tops. I would suggest have 4-5 casual tops that you can rotate through the week. These don’t have to be a sloppy t-shirt look if you don’t want. Rather, they can be nicer t-shirts from someplace like Kohls .

Cardigans and Jackets

A Jean Jacket adds a cute finishing touch to so many outfits! Plus it is great to layer with.


You can find good jean jackets for a good price at ThredUP!

3 solid color cardigans for spring, fall and winter months! Choose your colors carefully, thinking through what colors look good on you and what you have in your wardrobe.

1 Jean Jacket

Tank Tops

Halftee Tanks are wonderful for layering!

– I suggest having at the least, 1 white, 1 black, and 1 cream colored tank top.

I wear halftees as much, if not more then regular tanks, so consider what you truly are using tank tops for. If you need to layer your stomach then you want the full tank. If you are layering lower cut tops, try a halftee tank!


modest outfit leggings

Leggings to go under skirts in the winter months. My favorite are fleece lined leggings.

1-3 skinny belts. White, black and nude colors are good.

A slip or petticoat. 2 different lengths are helpful to have.


Nude Flats


Nude Flats

2 Pairs of flats – Black and Nude colors

2 Pairs of boots for the fall and winter – Brown and Black

1 Pair of comfortable shoes for when you go places where you will be walking all day. My sister wears this style of shoe for walking all day.

If you are just starting out, don’t be overwhelmed with this list! All these items are not a requirement, someone left a comment on my Facebook page yesterday saying she has two skirts that she wears during the week. For some ladies that is all they have, but they work around it! These are helpful suggestions, now take the list and tweak it for your life!

**The monthly flexi clip is out for October! Perfect for fall, it has acorns and leaves on it! Only available in October while supplies last!**

Lilla Rose flexi clip for October


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19 Comments on A Modest Clothing Checklist

  1. Hi! I love your suggestion for the fleece lined leggings. Unfortunately, I’m a size 3x or so, so sourcing them has been difficult. Do you have any suggestions on where I can get fabric to make this kind of leggings? Any tips would be appreciated!

  2. I am actually about to begin the process of building a modest maternity wardrobe for the first time, and I am finding this list very helpful. Any extra tips you have would be very much appreciated 🙂

  3. I’m in the process of trying to lose some baby weight. It’s coming off, just rather slow 🙂 There are lots of cute clothes that I have that are a bit snug yet. Is anyone else in the same situation? I’m not sure if I should just purge those too and accept a bigger size, or hold on to hope that I’ll fit into them again. It’s also hard when clothes fit well, accept for my tummy area that doesn’t look like it did before after my C-section.

    • If I were you I would go through your too-small clothes and pick the best/ your most favorites, then keep those and purge the rest.

  4. I really like the shoes you say your sister wears for heavy walking days. I’m going to have to look into getting a pair.

  5. Tastes/what looks good on you will factor in, too. These are some great ideas for building a wardrobe that is both classic and modest. The funny thing, though, is that I have a great modest wardrobe, but don’t own many of the things on this list. 🙂 In part because these kinds of lists always include black, but black doesn’t look good on me, so I’ve got lots of gray instead. I LOVE thrift store shopping for a number of reasons, one of them being that it allows me to purchase more so I don’t have to limit myself to a more classic wardrobe with solid colors that wouldn’t quite feel like me. But I know these ideas work really well for other people!

  6. I am in the process of building my cold weather modest wardrobe. Just a tip- by selling clothes and shoes I did not want to wear anymore to thred up, I was able to get some nice skirts and a pair of shoes on Thred Up for 50 cents! They have some nice modest skirts.

  7. What would you suggest for nursing tank tops instead of nursing bras. I have found several but they are so low cut. Anyone know of any??

  8. I love this list. I never grew up wearing skirts or dresses. And now I am trying to more often to embrace my femininity —and I have no idea of where to start. (And I can’t match colors :/)

    • Hi Stephanie, I had the same experience growing up wearing pants al the time. When I was a bridesmaid and wore a beautiful dress it all changed. No I only ever wear dresses or skirts. Lets all be feminine !

  9. Am I the only person who has never been able to find a blouse or a jean jacket she likes? I think I have broad shoulders or something, because everything I’ve tried is either to snug in the shoulders (and I hate feeling like I can’t move my arms!) or it’s so big it hangs like a sack. I stick with solid t-shirts that I dress up with cardigans, shrugs, a pretty scarf or a sparkly necklace 🙂

    • I’m still trying to find a nice jean jacket too! They are either really expensive, or don’t fit well. I need to spend some time at the thrift store soon!

  10. Love this found your modesty series a while ago and made switch slowly. Thank you somehow I missed this list! Making it work for me (6month pregnant size 2x) is taking a little time but excited to use your tips. Making a checklist for myself and one for my 3 (soon to be 4) girls too!

  11. Question: I didn’t see what you wear for swimming. Do you not partake of being in water like a lake or ocean? Like swimming.
    Me, I admit that I try to have at least a 3X tshirt for covering my swimsuit. While using shorts to cover the upper thigh area.
    As for me, for regular clothing. If it is sleeveless. It is not modest for me. Same goes for my legs. In regular clothing. my entire leg has to be covered.

  12. A pretty nice list! I’ve found that the older I get, the more
    I gravitate toward not so normal/mainstream fashion though… haha (sorry this comment is gonna be a long one!)
    There is some Japanese Street Fashions, worth looking up and learning about, that are not only cute and very girly, but modest and classy as well, that I have started wearing. My favorite is Mori Kei fashion. It’s a fashion that centers around the idea of being a girl who lives in the forest. It’s a lot of earth tones and lacey and mixed fabrics (“shabby chic” would be a good American equivalent, I suppose). It’s all about long skirts, flowy and layered fabrics, and clothes that aren’t form fitting., revealing, or tight. It also incorporates a lot of cute nature themes, such as prints with flowers, foxes, or rabbits. Another one of my favorites is Lolita fashion (and before you ask, it has NOTHING to do with the book haha quite the contrary actually). It has its roots in Victorian fashion, Rococo fashion, and some 40-50s fashion. It’s all about A-line or cupcake style dresses and skirts with a lot of fluff, frills, and a classy girly silhouette. There are a few others such as Dolly Kei (looks very “Boho” with a lot of European fabric prints; think matryoshka dolls), EGA (or Elegant Gothic Aristocrat, basically a revival of late-Victorian and early Edwardian fashion but with a lot of saturated and dark colors, good fashion for winter), and Cult Party Kei (don’t let the name scare you… it’s just a fashion with a lot of knit sweaters, fluffy knee-length skirts, pastels and fairy fantasy-like themes).

  13. Honestly I think modest fashion is good for kids and adults. I started dressing my daughters in modest clothing from the time they were 3 (avoiding bikinis). Tests have shown that women who wear more think about their bodies less and can focus more on their happiness.

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