$70 Giveaway to Undercover Waterwear {Modest Swimwear!}


Trying to dress modesty while going swimming can be a difficult, and even overwhelming thought for ladies. It’s almost impossible to find a modest swimsuit when you walk into the normal clothing store. Some of the best options I have seen are online, and Undercover Waterwear is a company I would consider to be a great choice for modest swimwear.

I was sent a swim skirt and swim shirt to try, and I was thrilled when I received them because they were just what I was looking for!


This black swim skirt comes with attached leggings. It is a very soft skirt and it is so comfortable! I love the attached leggings. The skirt is 24″ long, and I’ve found the leggings can be adjusted to where you want them, by pulling them up higher or lower on the bottom leg. I would order a little larger if you between sizes. I had originally ordered a small, but had to send it back to get a medium. The small fit but it was pretty snug.


The swim tops are silky smooth, and feel great on! I like the higher cut neckline, and the longer sleeves are great for ladies who prefer a longer length for modesty and also for keeping the sun off them. I didn’t find it nearly as hot as I thought I would.

The quality is superb, both items are sewn extremely well – a detail I always pay attention to. 🙂

Now it’s time to let you in on a secret. What to know how I’ve gotten the most use out of my swim skirt? I use it as a running skirt!

UnderCover Waterwear Swim Outfit

The only blessing that comes from living two blocks away from a high school is that we have been going to the track a lot. I started out wearing a long denim skirt when I went, but for a number of reasons it wasn’t working very well. I switched to a pair of capri pants, but once I received this skirt I love wearing it to the track! It feels and looks like the workout skirts you can purchase, except it is longer. They even have a skirt with stripes on the side, which makes it look even more like an exercise skirt. 🙂

If you are looking to get the most out of your money, I would highly suggest purchasing the swim skirt which you can use for swimming or for walking/running! You can save 15% off your total purchase with the coupon code: MM15 at the checkout!

Undercover Waterwear is giving away a $70 gift certificate to their store! Enter below using Rafflecopter.

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7 Comments on $70 Giveaway to Undercover Waterwear! {Modest Swimwear}

  1. I’m curious how you like this skirt for running. Do you get enough freedom to move your legs? I wondered if it’s stretchy or something so that you can move freely?

    • It works great for running! It is not restricting at all, the material is a high quality, stretchy material (think workout material on stretchy pants) so you can do jumping jacks, even the splits in this if you wanted. 🙂 Love it!

      • Great, thanks! I will look into it for my daughter who plays tennis but doesn’t want to wear the typical short immodest skirts that most players wear.

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