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Don’t you just love the adorable button my husband made me for this series? I think it is super duper cute. 🙂 Feel free to put it on your blog with a link back here to this series if you want to let your readers know about it!

Today is the very first day of our “From Frumps to Pumps” series! If you didn’t read the post announcing it, this series is based off of Sarah Mae’s eBook, which would be very helpful to own so you can follow along.

We are going to get our appearances in order this month. Throw off the yoga mom look, and learn how to get diligent about spending a few minutes each day actually getting dressed like we care about ourselves (and those around us).

Before we get any further along in the challenge though, let’s tackle the importance of understanding who we are. How we dress does not make us a Christian, but being a Christian should define how we dress. A Christian does not earn salvation through all the outward appearances, of wearing modest clothing, or homeschooling our children, or choosing courtship instead of dating. The Lord paid the price for us on the cross, through his great mercy and love for us. But….having that grace and free gift does not give us the right to do anything we desire after we take his name upon us.

We need to find the balance between embracing grace, yet realizing that we have a duty as a Christian to live our lives in a clean and upright way. We can’t go party all night long, and walk into church the next morning, say a sinners prayer and go on our merry way week after week after week. The Lord needs to truly be in your heart, calling you up to higher plains and encouraging you to live a pure and holy life.

How does that relate to our Frumps to Pumps challenge?  Glad you asked. Don’t get discouraged if you miss a day or get behind in the challenge. There is grace here. You don’t have to be perfect.  Don’t feel like you are proving what a good person you are by getting up and getting yourself dressed from head to toe, hair fixed and makeup on by 9:00, with a shining clean house as well. Set realistic goals and stick to those. I’ve had something come up over the weekend that is going to drastically change my month, but I’m determined to still make this challenge work, even with some setbacks that have happened. More on that tomorrow.

Today’s Challenges: 

1. Pick a time that you want to be up and dressed by. My goal is 8:00 every morning, Monday through Friday.

2. Make a “Get Dressed” Chart, or use one I found already designed here.

3. Read Day One from the “Frumps to Pumps” eBook. Really stop and meditate on what she has written, and determine how you personally feel about it.

4. Share about the challenge on your Facebook page, or let a friend or relative know so they can cheer you on and keep you accountable!

5. Now is a good time to stop and take a look at your whole morning routine. I’m terribly guilty of only taking time to have devotions with all the children in the morning, but not taking much time, if any for myself. I’m adding that goal into getting dressed every morning. Even if I just take 5 minutes and read a devotional in the morning, it is centering my mind on things that are lovely and pure to start my day.

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8 Comments on From Frumps To Pumps – It’s Time To Get Dressed! {Day One}

  1. You’re quite blessed to have a graphic designer around! 🙂 The button is adorable!

    If you are looking for a new devotional, a friend gave me Jesus Calling by Sarah Young, for my birthday and I love it. My mother had it with her when they visited this summer and had been telling me how much she liked it. I was thrilled when my friend gave it to me a couple of weeks later. If you shop for it, look for the version that has the Bible verses printed on each page instead of just the references. There is a lot to meditate on contained in each page, yet each day’s reading is not long.

    Blessings on your week!

  2. I read the announcement last week and it just struck me. You know how they say when you’re ready, you’ll know? I’m so ready. I spent last week getting ready – I cleaned out my closet, did a little MINDFUL shopping, finally got my hair cut, and am READY. I’ve been working on spiritual goals, now it’s time to work on physical.

  3. Love this! I already strive for this but with 3,268 distractions throughout the day, I’m not FULLY put together until after lunch. Going to do my best make it all happen earlier. 🙂

  4. I just wanted to thank you for doing this. I have been struggling with issues regarding my dress lately and this series, to me, is a confirmation from God about what He wants from me. I don’t own the e-book but I plan to follow along and participate anyway.
    Thank you again and blessings to you,

  5. I have just started reading your blog and considering modesty. I was wondering how makeup and hair fit in with your view of modesty. I have considered lately whether I should continue the practice of dying my hair since it is fake and makes me fit in with the rest of the world (although I have to admit, I’d miss it!). The same dilemma arises when I consider makeup. I’d appreciate your opinion on the subject.

  6. Okay, I’m going to try this yet again. I have been wanting to dress better–however, since I work with horses and big dogs, plus I am a massage therapist–How do I pull it together and still have a functional wardrobe? I just found this blog, and I know I’m behind, so I would greatly appreciate any suggestions. I will spend this weekend getting things set up so I can do the getting dressed routing you printed out. Here I go!

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