10% off at Lilla Rose, free shipping sale, new clips and mystery hostess party!!

If you are a long time reader you know how much I love my Lilla Rose flexi clips. I’ve been able to do so many different things with my hair that I previously never could. Large plastic claws just fell out of my long slippery hair.


I love my owl clip!


They work on little girl’s hair, as well as women’s hair.


The clips can pull back just a little bit of hair with a mini or x-small clip


Or pull it up in a twist or bun during the summer heat!

I’m excited to reveal the new flexi clips for June and July!

June Flexi

June’s Sparkling Summer Solstice July Flexi

July’s Patriot’s Heart

These monthly clips normally sell out very fast! I already ordered my large Patriot’s Heart to wear on the 4th of July!

 Lilla Rose is offering a two day special, Friday and Saturday only! In celebration of the new clips and the first day of Summer, you can save 10% off your entire purchase, and receive free shipping on orders of $30.00 or more!

To make things even more exciting, I’m running a mystery hostess party! If you order through the party link you might be selected to be the hostess for the entire party, and can earn up to $150 in free products! I have had one hostess earn that many free products through an online party, so it is possible! I will randomly draw one customer to be the hostess.

Order through the party link here. 

*Lilla Rose does not send emails verifying your order through party links. The party will stay open until Monday, and then once it is closed all orders will ship. Please remember to select the “Ship to Customer” option so it ship to you instead of the hostess!*

Need sizing help? Here is a quick tip: Put your hand around your full ponytail and squeeze down…If the amount you’re holding resembles a nickel, you’re an extra small. A quarter, you’re a small. A 50 cent piece, you’re a medium, and anything bigger and you’ll need large or xl. This would be for a ponytail or tails-up. A half-up would be a smaller size, and a French twist would be larger.

You can also watch the sizing and styling video.


I would love to help you become a Lilla Rose consultant! If you would like more info on how to join, with no monthly quotas to meet and no monthly fees, email me!

Finally, I wanted to share a customer’s story!

I run a little over 2 miles (almost) everyday with this medium flexi in my hair. It doesn’t move and is so comfortable! One day I hope to prove yes, you can run a marathon with a flexi!”

Running and Flexi Clips

9 Comments on 10% off at Lilla Rose, free shipping sale, new clips and mystery hostess party!!

  1. I went through my last labor and delivery with a beautiful flexi 8 updo. I already had the clip in when I went into labor and when I was done, I realized my hair was still looking nice thanks to the flexi 8 clip!

  2. Hi,

    I just happened to look and noticed I somehow managed to register twice for the mystery host party. I didn’t mean to, promise! 🙂 My computer was having some issues yesterday. I think my order actually came from the second number, but I am not positive. Just didn’t want it to look like I tried to cheat by registering twice!

    Victoria Ridgeway

  3. My hair is short. I have tried to grow it on several occasions but it is difficult to manage. Your clips are gorgeous and I would love to wear one! Do you have anything that might look cute in short hair….until I can get it long enough for your flexi clip?

    • Sherry,

      Lots of ladies use the mini and x-small clips to pull a little bit of hair back. It is darling! Or you could try one the Lilla Rose headbands, they have lovely beads and they don’t give me headaches because of the design! Let me know if you have any other questions!

  4. Thanks for this wonderful opportunity Caroline! I love my Medium Flexi clip, and borrowing my younger sister’s Small clip for a half-up look.

    Your customer’s story reminded me of a week or so ago at church. I had my medium clip in my curly hair (which normally stays in great when it’s curly) but a boy I babysit (who is much taller then me!) came to give me a hug and somehow managed to hit the clip just right to send it falling to the floor! I tell this story because, when it fell out I realized I had never had that happen before! These clips typically work great, just be cautious around boys! 🙂

  5. I love your product and would buy flexi clips and pins but when I add the postage it is very expensive. Do you have UK outlet?

    • No there is not a UK outlet, they are only available in the USA, and they ship internationally. I’m sorry it’s so expensive! :/

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