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When you have long hair you can do a lot of different things with it, but some of it takes practice! Here is a mixture of super easy hairstyles to some more difficult hairstyles for the special evening. Of course what hair texture you have will depend on if you can do all of these styles. I have very straight, fine, yet tons of it texture. My hairstylist is always bringing me back to reality about what will work on my hair. 🙂
Pigtails without a part | themodestmomblog.com

I keep meaning to try these pigtails without a part on my hair, as I really like how they look in the picture!

small braids with a flexi clip

This is a very easy hairstyle I do on my hair, just braid the sides of it and pull it back in a smaller size flexi clip (I used an x-small in this picture).

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Braids and buns


This is a relaxed hairstyle, it doesn’t matter if a few stray hairs show. Simply braid each side, pull it together into a low ponytail and then twist it into a loose bun.  It’s called the Twisty Updo.

Mega long hair secured in a mega flexi hair clip!

Talk about long hair! This mega long hair is twisted up into a mega size flexi clip, proving that all sizes of hair can go up in these clips!

Braided Bun tutorial


I really like this braided bun. There are three braids involved, two small braids on each side and then one large braid for the bun.


Curl the ends of your hair and style it with a Lilla Rose flexi clip!


Here is an easy hairstyle that has a classic look. Curl the ends of your hair and put a Lilla Rose hair band in your hair.  The hair band shown is one of my favorite, the Hues of Blue. 


Kate Middelton Updo


I adore Kate Middleton’s hairstyles! She is so lovely and feminine. Here is a good tutorial from an excellent hairstylist on how to do this updo.

French braided and tucked under with a flexi clip


Another easy hairstyle that just takes a few minutes. French braid your hair, then tuck the single braid under and secure it with a flexi clip.


Pull it back in a simple ponytail with a flexi clip

Do you find yourself wearing ponytails all the time but need to make them look a little prettier? Just use a Flexi Clip instead of a hair elastic for your ponytail. I use a size medium for mine.

braided bun with flexi clip

Finally, here is another braided bun variation that is lovely.

If you are not sure what size you need, you can look at the sizing and styling chart here. 

If you have long hair, do you style it or just leave it down? 

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5 Comments on 10 hairstyles for long hair

  1. My hair is knee length, but not extremely thick. I usually have it pinned up or hanging down in a braid because it becomes a tangly mess and gets in my way if I leave it hanging and it draws a lot of attention. My favorite accessories are spin pins or my wooden hair fork. Braids also work very well.

  2. My hair is very thin because of a thyroid problem so I haven’t been able to successfully do most hairstyles. I’d love a post on how to grow healthier hair! Right now mine is short because I couldn’t do much with it long 🙁

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