Right before she got so sick..holding Carrianna, my third child.

You may have noticed that the blog has been quite for the past two weeks. Our beloved Mother passed away on July 16th. She was only 54 years old. We knew that the day would be coming that she would pass, as she was on Hospice, but it hasn’t made the day much easier now that it has come. My sister, Mom and I were each other’s best friends, and we miss her so very much.

I have always looked up to my Mom. She started homeschooling us back in the 80’s when homeschooling was whispered about, and you hardly knew anyone else that did such a thing. My Mom had a vision, and clung to that vision all through my childhood. When I was 11 she was diagnosed with Lupus, and it left her in bed so sick and fatigued many days. But she still held onto her vision, and home schooled me all through high school. She clung to the Lord for her strength, and I will never forget her example of being cheerful and full of joy in the midst of much pain and sorrow. Truly, the Lord was the light of her life.
Mammay reading to her precious grandchildren
Two years ago, the Lupus went into her brain. It is very rare for that to happen. We could only find one Dr. in all of Kansas City Mo to treat her for it. Nothing seemed to work, and we slowly had to accept the fact that we would be losing her much sooner than we had planned. My Mom had always dreamed of helping me to homeschool my own children, come clean my house for me when I was busy with the children, babysit for me so I could go on a date with my husband, and just be a support system for me as I raised my own children. I’m grateful that I carry the same vision as my own Mother, and her legacy will be carried on in my own children. Our school year will start in August, and I know I will carry my Mother with me in my heart everyday as I teach my own children. Praise the Lord for knowing she is at peace in Heaven, and that we will see her again one day.
Jennifer, my Mom and I (Caroline) The last picture taken of us together.

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  1. Oh Caroline, I'm so sorry to hear of your mother's passing. It's strange how are hearts are pulled in two different directions, wishing our loved one was still here and at the same time rejoicing that they are finally home with God. My prayers are with you my blogging friend.

  2. I am so sorry to hear about your loss. I also just lost a 12 y.o. nephew this past week to cancer. The sadness is undeniable…but joy awaits you on the other side. I will pray for you.

  3. May the Lord wrap his arms around you and your sister. Thank you for sharing about your mom. You are truly blessed to have her. Prayers are with you.

  4. I've been enjoying your blog, Caroline. The stories of our moms' home-goings are SO similar. My mom died at the age of 54 also on July 9, 2010 of congestive heart failure. She was my best spiritual friend and was so uplifting- sounds a lot like your mom. May the Lord continue to heal your heart. Not having a mom on this earth is a huge thing. I know I still miss mine everyday!!

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