Who doesn’t love fresh, warm bread right out of the oven? It’s even better when you know it’s been made to be as nutritious and healthy for you as it possibly can be.

I grew up with a mom who loved to make homemade bread. She took a lot of joy in providing us with healthy bread, and there was (and is!) nothing better than butter on a slice of fresh, warm bread!

After awhile she invested in a grain grinder. It was a loud, messy grinder and I’ll never forget her wearing ear muffs to grind flour.

I invested in the same grinder in my early years of marriage (since it’s really all I knew), but the mess and noise always made me put off grinding flour. It was so much work to grind just enough flour for that quick batch of muffins you wanted to make, so I didn’t use it nearly as often as I wanted to.

Last Christmas I found a great sale on the grain grinder that I knew I wanted, and I finally got it. However, it sat in a box for awhile because of having Jackson on Christmas Eve! The last few months I’ve been using it a lot, and wish I had purchased it years ago!

From everything I’ve read, flour is best when it’s just been freshly ground. It has a higher nutritional content and a better flavor.

The other good part about having wheat berries on hand, is that they last so much longer than wheat flour! If stored properly, wheat berries can last for years. This helps you stock up on food without worrying about it going bad.

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I use and love the Nutrimill Harvest grain grinder.

Here are some of the reasons why I love it so much:

  1. You can easily grind just the right amount of flour you need. I was making muffins in the picture above, so I just needed a couple of cups of flour. It takes literally 1-2 minutes to grind a few cups of flour. 
  2. There is hardly any mess. Ignore the flour on the countertop in the picture above, I had little girls helping me. 😉 You pour the wheat berries in the bowl at the top, it comes through the grinder and then out into a bowl.
  3. No ear muffs needed when using this grinder! It’s still not super quiet, but you can talk to other people when it’s on and your ears don’t feel like they are about to explode!
  4. It looks pretty on the countertop. I don’t want to pull my grinder out of the cabinet all the time. I want to have it easy to use. This Nutrimill grinder looks beautiful and you can pick the color of trim you want!

You can grind all non-oily grains, legumes, and beans in this grinder. If you don’t eat wheat flour, there are still plenty of other options out there! I’ve been playing out with using Einkorn flour, I’ll have to update you all with how that goes. I have successfully made cookies with it that everyone liked!

Through Monday, October 4th you can save $100 off the price of the grain grinder!

They don’t have sales very often on this, and I purchased my grain grinder through a great deal like this. If you are wanting to improve the health of your family, or become more self sufficient, I highly recommend this Nutrimill grain grinder!


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