It’s Monday again! The week certainly went by fast.
Today’s Modest Monday outfit is what I wore to church yesterday. 
I wore a brown jacket with ruffles. It was a Wal-Mart special that was given to me from my sister, but I thought it was cute! 
Under the jacket I wore a sleeveless black tank from Kohl’s. It’s slightly lower than I like. I really need to replace it with a new tank from The Modest Mom that is cut a lot higher. 
My skirt is a brown skirt which I believe I bought from JCPenny last year. 
I’m wearing Spanx panty hose which I highly recommend. They’re much nicer than the cheap ones you pick up at Walmart. There is a world of difference! I bought these on sale at Zulily before I had Deborah. 
My brown mary jane type shoes are Hush Puppies brand – again a Zulily special a few months ago. 
My earrings are pearl dangle earrings which are newer for me. They are quickly becoming one of my favorite pair of earrings. I love how classic and pretty pearl earrings look, especially the dangle ones. 
I fixed my hair in a french twist, then flipped it up and put a flexi clip in it. I have layers in my hair so I had to put a few bobby pins in it, and my husband neglected to tell me that some hair was out of place. 
Oh well. 🙂 
I decided to still share the picture. Life isn’t perfect-especially as a mom. I was just thrilled to get up early enough to get a shower in and do something different to my hair! 
I do plan on sharing pictures of what I wear throughout the week. This past week I was a little under the weather, so I just didn’t get around to it. Plus I had pajama bottoms peeking out under my skirts several days this week. 🙂 I can get by with that when I know we are staying home all day long. 

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  1. Beautiful! Even your hair, only you knew a few hairs were out of place. I can't even tell.

    Don't worry about your "tank", I think it looks fine. Maybe we all have different views of modesty, but I don't think it's too low. It looks flat against the skin, so I think it's okay. 🙂

  2. I love the look! May I suggest a splash of random color? Neck scarf, pin? Even little girls' soft flower hair clips can be fun for that purpose.. you can clip them to your lapel.

  3. Wow! I absolutely LOVE your entire outfit! It is perfect — I wouldn't change a thing!

    And your hair is GORGEOUS! Love that hairstyle and the flexi-clip!

    You look very feminine, beautiful and "together!"

  4. Normally I feel weird wearing black and brown together, but this looks really great! I wear PJ bottoms under everything, even pants. Your secret is safe with me. 🙂

  5. I asked my husband to make sure it looked ok, as I don't normally mix brown and black either. I'm grateful my husband is good with colors, I trust his judgement!

  6. I loved the outfit and your hair looked great. I wear sweatpants under my skirts and dresses around the house. I love my sweater-tights but I only have one pair so I save them for errand days.

  7. I was wondering if you could offer any advice to a gal who's interested in wearing skirts more. I cannot stand panty hose and will especially not wear it when pregnant. Any clever way to avoid the dreaded hose? Love your Monday posts!

  8. Kate,

    I only were pantyhose for dressy occasions. I almost wore cotton brown knee highs with this outfit, but I wanted to look more dressed up for church. You definitely don't have to wear pantyhose with skirts, just cotton knee highs (found at Target, ect.) are perfect for wearing with skirts.

  9. Kate…. for a more casual look, you can go without hose of socks (maybe not in winter, but…) And you can get nylon knee highs that work as long as you skirt is mid-shin length or longer. I never wear panty hose; it would drive me up a wall! =)

  10. I agree with what a couple others said… I never thought that black and brown look good together, either, but this looks awesome! Now I want to try it. =) And your hair is lovely! Wish that it would work to do mine like that….

  11. Wear thigh highs! (and I can promise you, your husband will love it too!) I personally LOVE nylons (holds you in!), and have no problem wearing them.

  12. I thought I was the only one who did the pajamas over the skirts on those cold winter days! It is just too cold to remove them and put on leggings and I if I know I am home that day (which is mostly the case) then ~ I'm game! 🙂

  13. I love this outfit and your hair! Sometime could you PLEASE do a video or photo tutorial or something on how you did this hairstyle and others?! 🙂 I need major hair help, and I just love so many of your hairstyles – elegant, feminine, and so pretty!

  14. Love it! And I agree with a previous comment that your tank doesn't look immodest or showing too much chest skin. However, your modesty standards are between God, hubby and you, so my opinion is just that…an opinion. 🙂

    I'm personally not a fan of looser fitting pants under skirts. That's where the fad of leggings is really nice these days. You can get them in ankle length or capri length. They're usually cotton, comfy and fairly inexpensive.

  15. Adorable!!! I love that you always look lady like and modest!!
    I love the hair too! I've been trying new ways to do my hair to that are different then just a ponny tail! love it thanks for the idea!

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