This might astonish some people, but I do actually wear jeans sometimes. It’s not very often, but my husband totally does not care if I wear jeans, and I think he likes to see me wear something different every once in a while. So here goes…

For me to feel comfortable wearing jeans, my preference is that the shirt is more of a tunic length. This is the shortest in length that I like, but I fell in love with the beautiful floral fabric.

I really want a shirt that comes down a littler lower in the back, so this was a good length for me. I can’t seem to find the really cute tunic shirts that are quite a bit longer than this one, but I’m still looking for them. That would be perfect.

It’s a highly personal decision that each family has to make regarding modesty and wearing jeans. It’s not one that can be debated online, and it’s not a decision that a blogger can make for you. If you are married, you need to decide with your husband how you both feel.

The shirt is a Matilda Jane brand, I found it on Ebay brand new for a good deal so I grabbed it. I love Matilda Jane clothes (especially for my girls!) but the prices are quite a splurge. We love to watch Fixer Upper as a family, and the girls are always wearing Matilda Jane clothes so my girls have come to love them. 🙂 It’s like the American Girl catalog, they love to look over the Matilda Jane catalog but they know they can’t plan on getting much!

I hope you have a lovely Memorial Day!

What I Wore

Jeans – Coldwater Creek brand from ThredUP

Shirt – Matilda Jane

Shoes – a gift from Sean from Marshalls

Scarf – I’ve had forever!

Earrings – Paparazzi

Link Up Time!

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16 Comments on Modest Monday and a Link Up!

  1. It feels good to wear something completely different sometimes and the tunic style shirt enables you to still look modest in your jeans.

    I was a skirts only person until I was in my 30s and my friends persuaded me to buy some trousers. I found them really comfortable and versatile but usually wear them with a tunic or long shirt to maintain a modest look.

  2. Some “dresses” are short enough to count as tunics too! It’s kind of sad, but it at least gives us another option to wear with jeans!

  3. You look adorable and modest in your jeans. I wear dresses all day except in the mornings – when I go out to take care of our animals. Then I wear overalls. My goats love to chew on my dresses but not the overalls. 😉 I agree with a previous comment – some modern dresses are so short, you could pair them with jeans to look modest. That is a cute look and I have worn that at times.

  4. You look beautiful! Thank you for showing jeans! My husband likes me in jeans. I like them too, but I want to be modest in them. I like my shirts to come down also and not skin tight. It is so so hard to find, thank you so much for showing modest jean outfit. Yes it is all a relationship with you and God and how you dress to please him. I have unsubscribe to many blogs because they were making me feel I wasn’t a true Christian if I didn’t wear skirts to be modest. I was forgetting about it’s about you and Jesus! (Had to do the same with home school and blogs)Yours and one other now is the only ones I read because of the grace and love you have for it. You tell people to seek God and there husbands. So thank you! Have a blessed day!

  5. I agree… Looser-fitting mini dresses make for great tunics sometimes. Love the look and your thoughts about modesty. We don’t have cable so I don’t get to watch Fixer upper much, but I love that show! I even saw recently that Chip and Joanna are starting their own magazine. One of the articles they were planning was about Joanna’s capsule wardrobe… Anyway I am looking forward to fashion month on your blog 🙂

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