There is something about having specific workout clothes that helps you get out the door to walk, run, or go to the gym be much easier. I used to find a denim skirt that would work and go walk, but they were always hot and I felt so out of place at the track wearing a long skirt!

I love finding modest athletic clothes that also can be a swim skirt. Hydrochic sent me this outfit that works for both purposes and I love it!

The skirt is made with water resistant fabric, and has built in shorts under it. There is plenty of room in the skirt to run or swim in it, and the quality is excellent.

I love the matching shirt! I purposefully chose the sleeveless shirt since I wanted this for an athletic outfit. Since it has wide shoulders it looks very modest. When you purchase the top they include a free bra with it, which is essential for this outfit. It’s really comfortable and the fabric goes along with the outfit.

I always have the same routine when I go out walking. I start a workout on my Apple watch, so I can achieve my daily exercise goal of 30 minutes.

Then I put in my headphones, and select some music or a podcast for my walk.

This shirt has a really awesome feature to it! You can unzip the back pocket and store your phone there while you workout! I have the newest iPhone 7 which is quite large, and it fits in there!

Then it’s time for a run!

These outfits are admittedly more expensive than an average swimsuit from a store like Walmart. However you won’t find modest swimsuits that are super cheap. I have had a swim skirt for 3-4 years now and it still looks terrific! When you buy one outfit you can use it for several years, so think of spreading the cost over 3 years or so, instead of just using it for one year.

You do want to look closely at the sizing charts on Hydrochic. I normally wear a medium, and they had me in a large shirt and an x-large skirt. I thought there was absolutely no way that would fit, but it does! Trust the measurements and you should be ok!

You can find the Aqua Adventure Border Skirt here (with several different color options!), and the matching Tidal Tank Chlorine Proof Swim n’ Gym Shirt here!

*Special thanks to Hydrochic for sending me this outfit to review. I was not paid for this review and all opinions are strictly my own. 




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  1. Thank you for this blog. I have just decided to return to the modest life style again because I know it pleases my God.

    I love the choices and pictures you have thus far. I will return and sit down and take a long look and read what you have posted.

    God bless you,


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