Wearing long denim skirts does not have to look frumpy! I’ve been wearing a lot more maxi skirts during my pregnancy, but before I became pregnant I lived in denim skirts. I wore my favorite denim skirt probably 3-4 times a week! They are practical, cute, and can be paired with so many different tops.

Whether denim skirts are currently in style or not, I consider them a staple in a wardrobe. If you don’t wear jeans at all, they can easily replace them in your closet! However, you don’t have to wear an outdated denim skirt that is looking thread worn. If you know where to look you can find some really cute ones out there!

Casual, cute denim skirt outfit. Click through to see lots more ways to style a denim skirt!


This is one area I feel it is better to spend a little extra money (if you have it!) and get a good quality denim skirt that will last you awhile. Some ladies have huge success finding denim skirts at the thrift store. I don’t find many there at all.

Keeping it Casual

Don’t be afraid to have one nice denim skirt that you can dress up or down. I wear the rainbow denim skirt a lot everyday with more casual tops, but I have a friend who has worn it to church several times and it looks great with the nicer tops or blazers she puts with it!

Cute, casual ways to style a denim skirt!! These are good everyday tops that coordinate well with any denim skirt.


1. Pink Flannel 2. Plus Size Solid Shirt  3. Brown Shirt

 4. Gray Tee 5. Purple Shirt 6.  Striped Shirt 

These are all casual tops good for everyday wear. They can handle baby spit up, doing the dishes, and holding babies all day long. You can easily pair them with a scarf or a necklace if you want to add a little more style to these shirts. I don’t like wearing scarves at home, but if I’m running an errand I can quickly add one to my outfit to dress it up.

There are so many cute and stylish ways to wear a denim skirt! Here are just some examples, and if you click through I'll share even more ways to style a denim skirt!

1. Tiered Skirt 2. Knee Length 3. Distressed Denim 4. Denim Maxi

5. Blue Maxi with Belt 6. Midi Skirt 7. Rainbow Denim 8. Ruffle Denim 9. Casual Long Denim

There are so many ways you could style these cute denim skirts! You need to buy a skirt based on your needs though, not on how cute it looks on the model.

Are you in a season of motherhood with babies or toddlers and are on the ground all the time? A pencil skirt is not for you, and you should pick a mid-maxi length skirt so you will be modest and covered while you are on the floor.

If you work in an office, a knee length-midi will work for you because you are sitting at a desk all day.

Dressing it Up

If you are trying to keep a smaller wardrobe, funds might be limited or you just might be a minimalist, you can dress up a denim skirt! Here are a few cute ideas.

A denim skirt paired with a jacket and scarf! So cute. Source: Pinterest

Denim skirt with an adorable cardigan and headband!

I love this outfit! We are starting a new event on Fridays on the Deborah & Co. Facebook page. Every Friday I’m sharing an outfit I’m wearing that day (just snapping it with my phone) and then everyone is invited to share their outfit of the day. This was an outfit that was shared and I received permission to post it here. You can find the skirt on Amazon.

A cute, casual yet dressy way to wear a denim skirt!

This is a cute, somewhat casual yet somewhat dressy outfit. I would wear this on a date night for sure!

A complete, adorable denim skirt outfit!

The trick to dressing up a denim skirt is the complete look. You need to have cute shoes and cute accessories to really make a denim skirt appear more dressy. The denim is the casual part, and everything else stands out as being more dressy.

Some good accessories are scarves, Lilla Rose flexi clips or headbands, cute earrings or necklace, or a cute belt. You can find most of those items at thrift stores, ThredUP, clearance racks, or request them for your birthday!

I’d love to hear your ideas for how you wear a denim skirt! 

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18 Comments on How to Wear Long Denim Skirts

  1. I’d love to know where the tops from the first and last picture came from. I’d LOVE those to pair with a denim skirt.

  2. Kind of off topic, but I had to tell you thank you for introducing me to Thread Up! I’m in love with that site now. A virtual thrift store at your fingertips is a blessing and a dangerous thing all at once. 🙂

  3. I love the pic of the braids tucked in! But I am 32 years old, and do you think that is too old for a braided style? Is there an age limit for them? Thanks! 🙂

  4. I just purchased my first long denim skirt. The color wasn’t ideal but I’ve had a terrible time finding anywhere that sells a nice dark blue denim. I will have to show a picture of my outfit! Great thread.

  5. Thanks for this awesome post! Those are some really cute outfits. 🙂 I really appreciate the advice on dressing denim up.

  6. I love this blog!!! I’ve really had this on my heart for awhile… Your advice and pairing of outfits is adorable!! My transition to wearing mainly skirts isn’t too bad. I love all the ideas!! So good!!

  7. Oh what a lovely collection of skirts. I drooled over them. Your favourite skirt is so nice and having a slight stretch in it is ideal. Comfy and practical. I have a long denim but with the panels running down where yours is going around.
    Your description of having a complete look with accessories to finish the outfit off is spot on and something I tend to forget at times.
    I have lived for a couple of weeks recently whilst travelling in knee length straight slight stretch dark denim skirt with leggings whilst travelling. It was so easy to dress it up or down as I felt.
    Alexa-asimplelife blogging from Sydney , Australia

  8. I find most all of my denim skirts at thrift stores. Often there’s nothing, but if I see one in my size that I like, I snatch it up! I once paid $30 for one new, and it faded quicker than the $5-6 ones I find thrifting. Not worth it. I wear jean skirts pretty much every weekday. Like jeans, they go with anything. I currently have 5. One I found recently is a dark denim color, but is actually a poly/rayon blend. I save that one for “dressing up” only.

  9. I am 54, love denim skirts, but own none because of my short, curvy body shape. Could you cover that topic sometime, and give me some good ideas (and visuals, please) that would help me.
    Thank you!!!

  10. Since reading this post, I was inspired to aquire a week’s worth of denim skirts. Now I mostly wear them. With leggings and a denim skirt, I am warmer than I was with pants and I live in Michigan. I love feeling more feminine as well as modest.

  11. I have found several long skirts at thrift stores, you just have to go often, which is dangerous for my wallet! I sew, so I can pick up things that are not exactly my size and alter them myself.

  12. I am very petite well just short. One of my favorite denims to wear is a skort. It would be very short on someone else but on me it strikes the middle of my knees. I can do a lot of fun things wearing it and still be modest and not worry about bending over.

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