A gift guide for girls ages 2-10!

I don’t know about you but I’m thinking about gifts right now. Whether it’s gifts I’m planning on making or gifts I’m going to buy, my goal is to get my shopping done this month so December is free for fun family time.

Here are some gift ideas I like for girls ages 2 to 10. Some are appropriate for a little older, and some are too young for 10 years old, but that is a general age guide.


Paper Dolls


Paper Dolls – My girls are 6 and under, but they love playing with the paper dolls I had as a child! My oldest has been longingly looking at these beautiful historical paper dolls, so this Christmas she will be getting some! I’m thinking about turning them into magnetic paper dolls for her since she is still younger. I know even my boys would like playing with the Titanic paper dolls! (shhh – don’t tell). 🙂

Goldie Doll, a great gift for your daughter that will give you quality time with her!


Goldie Doll – This gift is meaningful for so many different reasons! The Goldie Doll Kit is a doll-and-Bible-study kit that teaches young ladies about true, godly beauty. In the style of the traditional “topsy-turvy” doll, 12-inch-tall Goldie has two personalities! Turn her one way and she’s a pretty young lady. Flip her over and she becomes a pig with a gold ring in her nose. You can spend some excellent mother/daughter time as you sew this doll together and go through the study!

Modest, Beautiful Princess Dresses!


Princess Play Dresses – These are beautiful play dresses that will hold up for hours of play! My girls have some of them and love them. Actually, they are each getting a new play dress for Christmas! All the princess play dresses and accessories are on sale today through Saturday! These dresses rarely, if ever go on sale, so now is the time to grab them for gifts!! The matching doll dresses are also on sale! 

Housecleaning Set


Dust, Sweep and Mop Set – My girls love to help dust or mop. This set will give your younger girls the housecleaning tools they need to start learning alongside mom!

Ice Cream Set!


Ice Cream Set – My girls love playing with their ice cream set! The scoops really pick up the ice cream and you can create all sorts of cones. We get to eat their creation. 😉

For Such A Time As This - A beautiful hardback Bible Story book for girls!

For Such A Time As This – A lot of families do the 3 gift idea – a want, a need and a book. This new Bible story book just came out for girls and it is beautiful! I have it tucked away as a gift for my oldest and I can’t wait to start reading it with her!

ABC Say It With Me DVD


ABC Say It With Me – I love giving my children DVD’s that are educational and encourage good character. They are so hard to find though! This is a rare DVD that every family should own! Even my 10 year old will watch this with his sisters. So sweet and wholesome.


Loving Family

Loving Family – My girls have a Loving Family dollhouse, a family, and furniture thanks to their grandparents. 🙂 They love playing with it, and I want to get the above set as a gift since we only have one family and 3 girls. I’ve tried finding these used at children’s consignment sales and it is really hard to find just the family without a dollhouse!

The one doll stroller I can't recommend enough! It has held up for several years with 3 girls using it!


Chicco Doll Stroller – I can’t recommend this doll stroller highly enough! We have had it for several years now, and it has received much (tough) love from three girls. Often, they have the youngest sit in it and push her around and it is still in excellent condition! Before we got this stroller we went through several of the cheaper umbrella type strollers that kept breaking. I’m so thankful this one has lasted!

Lego friendsLego Friends – I was happy when Lego came out with girl sets! My 6 year old is starting to show interest in these sets. I don’t like all the girl characters, but some of them are really nice. Legos are expensive but my boys have played with them for years now, so it’s one thing I will invest in and know it will get used!

These are just some ideas of gifts for girls! I’d love to hear what you are planning on getting your girls for Christmas! We also have 2 December birthdays for our two youngest girls! I have to be creative when it comes to purchasing wisely, as I want to give them things they need and toys that will be a blessing to them, and not just sit around the house.




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  1. We have the ABC memory verse dvd and my kids love it. I also like to be very thoughtful in my gifts to my children. Thanks for the wonderful list.

  2. Try ebay for the dollhouse figures. My daughter also has the dollhouse and I have bought some people and accessories off of ebay.

    Thanks for the ideas!

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