I’ve never been a super crafty person. I can sew, but not craft (there really is a difference). The more time goes on, the more I realize something.

I’ve lost the creative side of me.

Getting the Creative Side of Me Back Again!

The last two years of our life have been a blur. In order to get Sean through college and make it all work without going deep into debt, we all had to work super hard. Sean worked night and day on homework, and  any extra time was spent helping with Deborah & Co. The children pitched in and did extra housework so I could work on the business and blog.

As for me…my hobbies disappeared. All my energy went towards homeschooling, sustaining Deborah & Co. and this blog, and getting food on the table. When I would burn out (which definitely happened, especially the last semester of college in 2014), I would turn to fluff to distract myself briefly. A Jane Austen movie, an easy to read novel, or browsing Pinterest, dreaming of projects I would love to do but had no time or energy for.

This is the year of change. Sean is currently working on building his graphic design business, and I’m feeling the freedom to step back a little. I have our employee for Deborah & Co. coming more hours as needed, because I want a life back, and I need to carefully nurture the life that is inside me.

I read a book that dramatically helped me see what I’ve been missing. I’m not sure when a homemaking book has effected me so deeply. One night I was actually crying (of course that could be blamed on being pregnant and hormones!).

The Nesting Place Book.  I literally cried and laughed while reading this book.

The Nesting Place book is written by the blogger behind The Nester. I felt like she had peeked into my life and was writing out some of my story. She has lived most of her marriage in rental houses and somehow has managed to transform them into actual homes; places she loved living in.

When we moved to our rental house I looked at it as a survival house. We have lived here for two years now, and while we hope to move at some point this year, we are waiting on the Lord to bring the right house along and are hoping to save more money before purchasing.

In the meantime, I want to work harder on turning this house into a home – a place that we enjoy living in, even though it’s a small house (1000 square feet on the main level, and 200 hundred in the basement that is for business purposes).

I want to actually sew some projects, like I used to. That means getting my serger out and getting it threaded again. Not a fun task for me, but once I do that I can actually work on something!

…and make simple crafts with the children.

…and create an adorable space for the baby in our tiny bedroom,

…and make a fabric scrap banner for my girls.

Fabric Scrap Banner

I just purchased some Annie Sloan Chalk paint and I’m going to paint an end table that is in our living room.

I want to create a functional, yet beautiful house. Another book that is inspiring me is called The Comforts of Home. I love the ideas found here!

Two wonderful books on creating a lovely home!

I’m going to be creative again.

I’d love to have you join me in this journey! The timing couldn’t be more perfect, because starting next week the DIY bundle will be coming! This is put together by Ryan and Stephanie Langford, the same amazing people that do the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle. Since I’m married to an author that is in the bundle, I’ve been able to see all the resources that are coming, and I’m excited!! I’m actually going to Hobby Lobby tonight to purchase a few supplies for some projects that are in the bundle, and do them with the children. 🙂

If you can relate to this post, and want a chance to be creative again, you will want to sign up for this free four step email course that Ryan and Stephanie are offering. It has some printable worksheets and encouraging words to read through, and will provide you with some helpful tips and ideas.

Next week I’ll be sharing with you some ideas of how I’m fitting in time to be creative. It’s not easy, but if I don’t stop and take the time, my children will all be in college before I ever get creative again! 🙂



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  1. I’ve been trying to take more time to nurture my creativity, too! I used to scrapbook & make things all the time & then grown up life seemed to take over 🙂 I recently began Bible journaling & I can feel the creative juices flowing again as I try (key word there) to draw pretty pictures for my Heavenly Father! Just doing that regularly has revived my desire to make other things! That scrap banner is super cute!!

    • The Bible journaling sounds like such a neat idea!! I wish I could draw, I wasn’t blessed with that talent, so God sent me a husband that can draw instead. 😉

  2. You have featured my two favorite decorating books! I especially love The Nesting Place–so liberating! Sent a copy to my daughter’s mother-in-law, who as a result felt led to encourage her fellow clergy wives as they prepared to move from one rental to the next.

    Anyway, I’m right there with you on getting my creativity back and have signed up for the e-course. This is our first house with a dedicated sewing room, and I have soooo missed being in there, creating pretties for my home and grandchildren. Can’t wait to see YOUR creations. Blessings!!!!!

  3. I know exactly what you mean. Life can get SO hectic and crazy, and I believe we actually NEED to take the time to create and unwind, while still doing something productive. I recently got back into crocheting more. It gives me a channel to bless others by giving them the things I make, knowing the things were stitched with love, AND it gives me an outlet and a way to stop worrying about things and just focus on the one thing in front of me. I love crochet, because the projects don’t drag on for such a long time, and I can feel a sense of accomplishment when I see that I actually saw the project through to completion. I love doing other crafts, too, and I am looking forward to seeing the things you are going to come up with. You are a blessing to me, and I so appreciate you and your blog! God bless you and your sweet family!

    • Yes, I believe the same thing! I know a basic crochet stitch, but I don’t know how to read crochet patterns. I’ve always wanted to learn more, maybe I can learn with my girls one day. 🙂

  4. I can relate to your words. I study biochemistry and I totally lost my creativity and I used to be a super outgoing and creative person. Now, all I can do is study 🙁 I strugle a lot in my youth group because all my sugestions are studying scriptures or debating some topics ou analysing documents…and the other ladies have much more creative ideas, like theatres, musicals, etc…
    As for sewing, unfortunately my mother never wanted to teach me.

    Good luck on your projects!
    Praying for your family

  5. Oh, my! Exactly what my husband and I have been discussing lately. He’s started going back to school for a different Master’s (he felt led to walk away from the first one, midway), and between him working more than full-time, me working out of the home part time, plus beginning to homeschool our two littles… Well… I feel very much like a shell of what God intended me to be. Survival mode has its way of making us narrow in on the necessities, doesn’t it? And although it wasn’t the point of your post, thank you for reminding me that a successful blog doesn’t equate to “she’s got it all together, all the time!” 🙂

    I’ve wished for some of those bundles in the past, but this one is DEFINITELY getting purchased! I can’t wait!!

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