Catch the Last Touch of Summer


Catch The Last Touch Of Summer

I think white blouses like this one are so pretty! I don’t have many because delicate white blouses don’t work well with little babies, but they go with so many outfits.
Many of you have asked when we would get the white full length layering shell in stock again. I’m happy to say it is here! The black and beige colors in stock also. It’s definitely a good choice for wearing under low cut tops or dresses.
Hints of the West


Hints Of The West

I’ve received requests to share more plus size outfits on Friday, and here is one! A knee length denim skirt with boots is a great look for chilly weather!
For all you horse lovers, yes we do have two flexi clips just for you! The Horseshoe is one of them. You probably won’t ever see me wearing one as I’m just not a western girl, but they are very popular!
I say probably not, because if Lilla Rose ever comes out with a baseball clip I will wear it, and a few years ago I never would have considered it. Children change you in more than one way. My boys love baseball and are teaching me to love it. 🙂
Girls Day Out

Girls Day Out

Yes please! I’ll take this outfit plus the Girls day out with my sister! These colors are so fallish, and fall and I happen to be good friends. 🙂
I’m curious, do you wear a watch? I never do now, mainly because my iPhone is nearby and I just look at the time there. Leave me a comment and tell me if you wear a watch!
Guess what? We have new items that were just added to Deborah & Co. I’m so excited about them! To celebrate the new items, today only you can save 10% off with the code: OCTOBER10 at the checkout!
Beautiful Lace cardigan for fall, winter and spring. Cream colored with a lace overlay.
So feminine and it’s warm! Some cardigans just feel cheap, but this one has really good quality fabric. I love that it will go with a bajillion different outfits. Ok, that might be stretching it…but it will match a lot of things!
floral skirt with lace trim
This skirt will be great with brown boots (and the lace cardigan will go with this. See, what did I tell you?!).
Denim A-Line Skirt
We still need to get good pictures taken of this skirt, but I’ll share a photo that was posted in our modesty group (if you haven’t joined you are missing out!).
Knee Length Denim Skirt
Horrible picture, but it gives you an idea on how it lays! I’m excited to wear it this fall and winter with boots.
 We also have it available in a matching girls skirt, sizes 2-18! 
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