I hope that the Feminine Friday posts are a day of inspiration to you, and beyond just getting outfit ideas, they inspire you to truly be feminine as God has called you to be! That doesn’t mean you have to wear pink, but that you truly are content and happy with your role as a woman!

Dress Up that Jean Skirt

Dress Up That Jean Skirt

I’ve really been enjoying this jean skirt! I wear it with my brown boots and it’s just the perfect weight of denim for fall and winter. That sweater is just lovely and it’s on sale!
It's a Date!

It’s a Date!

Skirt ~ Top ~ Jean Jacket ~ Boots ~ Scarf ~ Earrings ~ Bracelet ~  Nail Polish ~ Flexi Clip

A date night sounds perfect right now. With the World Series going on that isn’t going to happen though, we are having lots of late nights as a family together watching Baseball! We are cheering for the Royals!

Anyway…back to the outfit. 😉 This is a new skirt we offer and the fabric is so much prettier than the picture! I love the thought of wearing a jean jacket with it.

Meet Me at the Church


Meet Me at the Church

Dress ~ Shrug ~ Shoes ~ Purse ~ Bracelet ~ Earrings ~ Flexi Clip

This is our plus size outfit for the week (I’m trying to post one plus size outfit each Feminine Friday now). Dress Barn has some great options for plus size ladies! Don’t be afraid to try a belt if you are plus size, I’ve seen some really great outfits put together using belts and they can actually be really flattering.

Rainbow Denim Skirt

Saturday is the last day you can pre-order the woman’s Rainbow Denim skirt and receive a FREE scarf along with your skirt when it arrives! That is a $20 savings! These skirts will be shipping the end of November, which will be here in no time! This is a great denim skirt skirt for fall and winter!

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  1. I have 2 daughters, one of them is into fashion and both of them are big on modesty. We always look forward to your Friday posts for inspiration, not just in style, but also the reassurance that we aren’t alone in our expectations of appropriate dress! Thank you for faithfully posting each week!

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