Rainbow Denim Skirt
The Rainbow Denim Skirt is finally here again!!! This was such a popular skirt a few years ago, and I’ve received many requests for it to come back again. Finally we took a big step and had the skirt manufactured ourselves. It was an exciting day when a huge pallet of skirts were delivered to us!

Walking in the Rainbow Denim Skirt The skirt is available in sizes XS-XXL. There is also a maternity skirt available. I don’t have updated pictures for the new style maternity skirt, but those are being taken this weekend.

My favorite denim skirt ever!

We are also having a Memorial Day Sale that starts today! 

Memorial Day Sale at Deborah & Co.

Are you looking for fun things for your daughters to do over the summer? Our paper dolls are on sale, modest play dresses, ABC Say it With Me DVD, Books, and more are on sale for your children!


For you, our striped maxi skirt, floral scoop petal top, full length halftee and more are on sale!

Floral Top

Find all the sale items here

We also are now selling scarves! You can find them all in the accessories section.

Lace Coral Scarf

7 Comments on The Rainbow Denim Skirt is here, plus Memorial Day Sale!

  1. A very lovely skirt! I know you are very busy, but I have a suggestion. Would you consider offering skirts in junior sizes? My oldest daughter is 12 and she is in those in-between sizes. She can’t wear little girl clothes anymore and women’s clothing, even the extra small, is too big for her.

    Thank you for offering such a nice selection of clothing. God bless your work!

  2. Oh, that’s a wonderful suggestion! Not sure how small her waist is, but I noticed that you can custom order this skirt to be shorter. Maybe the 0-2 would work in a shorter length? I remember being in that in-between stage. So hard to find clothes. My sister is 12, and my mom makes most of her skirts. Or she finds them a little too big at thrift stores, but in the right length and she adds elastic to fit her waist.

  3. Hi Caroline
    I am a long time reader of your blog . I enjoy reading about your wonderful family. Kudos to you for all you do , 5 children not to mention homeschooling them plus your side business, husband, house etc… List is never ending not to mention the work. Congratulations on your husband graduation -I wish you all the very best! I read about your sister’s adoption of those two beautiful boys, I was wondering does she also have a blog? Thank-you.
    Have a wonderful Memorial weekend enjoy your family !

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