Here is a beautiful hairstyle that is easy to do with a Flexi Clip!

Step One:

Pull hair back in pony tail and secure with an elastic band.

Step Two:

Loosen band and make a hole slightly above the band with your finger, flip ponytail up and through the hair.

Step Three:

Pull down on the ponytail to bring it all the way through. Twist the ponytail gently in a clockwise motion.

Step Four:

Lift the twisted ends up to the center and tuck ends in the middle. Secure with bobby pins, pinning through elastic band if possible to help secure it better.

Step Five:

Clip flexi clip across the top of the twists.

This picture was sent from a lovely Lilla Rose customer!

(Not sure what size fliexi clip you need? Click here to watch a sizing video).

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