I love to buy gifts for my children. Every year my husband has to hold me back at birthdays and christmas because I find all sorts of neat toys or educational items I would like to get them. We try to limit christmas gifts to three items each, and that doesn’t mean three toys. So I have to think through each gift we get long and hard to make sure the child will like it.

Buying for my girls is easy, as I understand the girly mind and what it wants. 🙂 I also have learned how easily cheap plastic items get torn up, and broken in a mere matter of minutes. So we try to invest in nicer items that will last longer.

If you are looking for some gift ideas for girls, below are some that I would suggest.


The Jubilee Doll from Vision Forum is on sale for $56.25, which is 25%off the price! Plus, if you spend $25.00 at Vision Forum you can get free shipping with the code: NOSHIPPING all week long! We don’t personally own this doll as our girls are not old enough yet, but I read a lot of sweet reviews online about them. 
If you have need of more than one doll, you can save an additional 10% off the retail price of each doll when you purchase 2 or more! 
Of course you can’t have a doll without sweet clothes to go on it! This Southern Belle dress is 40% off, making it $11.40. That is a lot cheaper than the American Girl doll clothes! 
Another favorite dress of mine is Elsie’s Day Dress. So sweet. 
To browse all the dolls and dresses that Vision Forum offers you can go here. 
Here is a list of our other favorite items from Vision Forum for girls. 
We own this coloring book and it is the sweetest coloring book I have seen in a long time! I almost didn’t want to let my children color in it! I Highly recommend this if you have a little ( or big!) girl that likes to color.
My daughter owns this tea set, and it receives a lot of use. I love that it is made out of tin and not glass, which is perfect for a girl’s first tea set. 
We have been through several doll strollers until I finally got smart and realized we just needed to invest in a nice one that will last. My dad purchased this Chico Doll Stroller as a birthday gift for my daughter.  Let me tell you – this stroller will withstand the harshest treatment just fine! Our one year old plays with it just as much as our three year old, and she has sat on it so many times without it affecting the stroller at all. While the price is more than other strollers, I don’t regret getting this at all. I know it will last for years to come! This is one of our most played with girl toys in the house. 
I just purchased this Melissa and Doug doll diaper bag for our soon to be  two year old’s birthday in December. It looks like it will hold up under wear and tear, and is it is the perfect size for little girls.
If your daughter is into building blocks, wedgits are a great investment. I’ve been surprised how much our one year old even loves these. Guess what she is getting for Christmas? 🙂 They even sell pink and purple wedgits for the girly girl! 
My mom purchased these magnetic dress up dolls for our daughter a few years ago, and they have been well loved and played with, by all our children actually. I’ve seen a lot of magnetic paper dolls but these are my favorite.
Here is a tip for buying gifts off Amazon. I do my usual online searches on swagbucks throughout the year, and then cash them in for Amazon gift cards! It really does add up quick and helps save money on gifts. A few years ago I saved all year long and put my gift cards towards buying my husband an iPod touch that he wanted. That really saved us some money! 
Finally, if you are looking for great gift ideas for the whole family, check out the entire Vision Forum sale they are having this whole week where you can save up to 50% and receive free shipping! 

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  1. My husband was all for getting practical gifts for the girls this Christmas and has already bought cheap Tracfone's for the girls on line. BUT these beautiful dolls have changed my mind, I want to buy these beautiful wholesome dolls for my girls. These dolls have beautiful hair and are not the modern types that dress skimpily like the Barby dolls. Knowing how girls love to comb the dolls hair and dress them in pretty lace and frilly dresses makes these dolls a perfect Christmas gift that any little girl would love. Thank you for your ideas.
    Wishing you and all you readers out there a blessed and happy Christmas.

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