July is almost here. We always have a huge 4th of July celebration with lots of friends, and our family is in charge of organizing it. Thankfully we don’t host it– my mother-in-law lives in the country and we all go to her house. 🙂

I don’t know about you, but summer is flying by. We have been busy with swim lessons last week, and they are all this week as well. Every morning our daughter goes to private swim lessons, and our other children are allowed to come and swim as well. It makes for busy but fun mornings!

Busy Summer Days

Jumping on the trampoline, laying in bed reading books, sunglasses and sunscreen, ice cream and time with cousins…..these all mean summer is here.


Olivia in her  sunglasses and dolly. I smile every time I see this picture. 🙂

Sadly, I feel like each day is like a hourglass timer where the sand quickly slides through, and before you know it, time is up. I have so many business deadlines due, two ebook projects I’m working on, blog posts to constantly write, behind the scenes blog work, and keeping up with orders coming in and out for Deborah & Co. and Lilla Rose. Whew! I get tired just writing it all out.

My husband goes back to college in August for his Senior year, and we start school back up the first of August. I’m already looking over lesson plans for next year, starting to pull old school books out and put next school year’s books up on the shelf.

Deborah waiting for train

Deborah waiting for the train at the zoo!

Time. It flies by. We will have a 10 year old this year. Only 8 more years and our firstborn will be graduated. We see so much more work we need to do with just our oldest, let alone the four below him. In between the swimming lessons and the Vacation Church School and Nature Camps, we toil and labor, and cry and pray over our children.

Because we only have been given one chance at raising our children. And we can never recover the lost moments, the squandered days, the mommy meltdowns.

But we are given Grace. And I hope through the discouraging moments that better attitudes are coming, simpler schedules, and college life will be over. 🙂

Life is glorious and grand. It is exciting and adventurous. But I’ve walked the path of death with grandparents, a parent, and friends. I know that life is short, and that these are our probationary days. Let’s make this summer count. Between the fun, don’t forget to nurture your child’s heart towards the Lord. In the end, swimming lessons and day camps will not matter, but to have a child that is walking on the Lord’s path – what a glorious accomplishment.

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  1. I feel exactly like you are this summer too! It’s exciting, and nice to be on vacation, but at the same time there’s so much to be done, so many projects that I feel a little pressured and like the summer is slipping past me….and I’m falling behind. Yes, I too want to make this summer count.

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