I was given a chance to review a nursing cami from undercovermama, and I was so grateful to be given that chance! I have nursed for four years now, and have spent those four years feeling half undressed-mainly around my house, I’m extremely careful in public while nursing, and use an awesome nursing cover when I’m out! This time around while nursing, I have been determined to change that, and have slowly started getting camis to use while nursing. The undercovermama cami has been the neatest cami to discover yet! Here is what the company has to say about it:

“Undercover Mama functions as an undershirt, keeping your back, sides and belly covered as you nurse. It has no straps and attaches directly to the outer flaps of any top-opening nursing bra. Undercover Mama remains attached while in use. You will feel like you are wearing a regular cami under you shirt, but when you need to nurse you still just have to undo the flap on your bra and Undercover Mama opens with it- No extra flaps or hooks to deal with each time. Undercover Mama’s generous length make them great to layer under your shirts and allow you to nurse comfortably.”

When I tried using it, I was sceptical to see if it really would stay in place all day, but it did just fine! And it covered my tummy nicely. What I like about this cami, is that I will still be able to use it when I’m not nursing. I did find that I should have ordered a size small, as the medium is just a little too big for me. But they say on the website that if you are between sizes, to go smaller instead of larger.

I think these camis are reasonably priced at $20.00 each, AND if you buy 2 of them you get free shipping! Plus I was given a discount code to share with my readers! If you use the code MODEST while checking out, you will save 15% off, plus still get the free shipping if you order two of them! They come in brown, black, cream and white colors.
If you go to the website, you will see a video that demonstrates a woman putting it on, and how it works. Since she is wearing a sports bra in the video, I didn’t put the link here, but if you have a minute to watch it without any children around it was helpful in knowing exactly how this cami works.

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