What a week! This is the second week that our children have been sick. Or is it the third? I’ve honestly lost count. I just know that someone has been sick for awhile now, and everyone is taking turns. I think they are well, and then the girls start getting fevers all over again! Sean knew I was more than ready to get out of the house, so we loaded everyone in the van Friday night and drove around, redeeming free coupons we had for dinner out! It was a little amusing.

Besides the children being sick I’ve been fighting breastfeeding issues so we tried four days of gentian violet to see if it would help. That stuff is super messy! I stained my parents carpet when I tried using it with our second child 10 years ago.  I’ve been in yoga pants and a super old t-shirt of Sean’s for days, and I literally got dressed in this outfit and put makeup on just to take pictures for Modest Monday.

Just keeping it real here!

A LulaRoe shirt with a maxi skirt

I’m not even crazy about this outfit, but hey, it’s better than yoga pants! 🙂

Gray Maxi skirt with Floral LulaRoe Shirt.

I’m hoping this week is much better!

Hues of Blue Flexi Clip

What I Wore

Skirt ~ ThredUP (gently used clothing, new customers can get a $10 credit through this link)

Shirt ~ LulaRoe

Shoes ~ ThredUP

Flexi Clip ~ Hues of Blue from Lilla Rose

Makeup ~ L’BRI Pure and Natural

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13 Comments on Modest Monday and a Link Up!

  1. You look cute! Are you fighting thrush? Our daughter has had that with 3 of our grandchildren. I never got it with our seven but she did have success with gentian violet. This time she’s trying grape seed extract. Thrush is a bear! Hope you feel better soon.

    • I honestly don’t know. I’ve been treating it as thrush since the start of the year, but I’m also having really bad inflammation type pain in my back. It seems to be related, so I don’t know if it’s thrush for sure or not. :/

      • Augh!! I had a very bad bout of thrush last go around with baby & never realized until it was REALLY really bad! Gentian violet didn’t cut it for us. I ended up trying many herbal remedies, but in the end Dr. Jack Sear’s compound cream worked after just a few applications. It’s for many breast issues. You just have to find a pharmacy that will do compounds.

        Anyway, hope it clears up soon, whatever it is!

        • I’ve been using his compound cream for a month now. :/ I’ve finally decided it is not thrush, I really think she just has a poor latch and it’s causing pain. She is an aggressive nurser. I’ve worked on changing our nursing position and I think it is helping.

  2. Caroline,

    You look absolutely adorable. This may be my favorite outfit you have posted. I love causal outfits. (And I love LuLaRoe!! ?)

    I’m sorry you are having breastfeeding issues. Will pray for you.

  3. Sorry you’ve been having BF problems! I tend to get mastitis very easily; especially in the winter, with the dry air sucking moisture out of skin ( And I forgot to drink enough water in winter) and all the extra stress from germs and viruses floating around. If i use lansinoh lanolin (after feeding ) as soon as I start feeling tender, I don’t get it. But it’s so sticky and messy I forget a lot. a garlic supplement (I can’t eat it raw) and vitamin C help a lot. I tried frankincense oil last time at a doctor’s recommendation, and it seems to clear up the soreness much faster!

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