I turn 34 today. I know all you mothers who are older than I am will tell me to enjoy it. I still feel young and healthy, but I just grasp how fast life is going, so it makes me a little sad! I don’t want my babies to grow up faster than they have to!

Carrianna turns 9 today, and she will always be my special Easter baby. I never remember Easter coming so early in March before, but that one year it came on March 23rd which was also her due date and my birthday. What a special birth it was! As soon as I pushed her out I said with a huge smile on my face “I could do this again!”.

Only that birth. Never before and never again have I said such words. Ha!

To celebrate my birthday I put together a fun sale at Deborah & Co. for all of you! Wahoo!

Save 23% off any order at Deborah & Co. with the code: BIRTHDAY at the checkout! This is good for Thursday, March 23rd only! It’s also limited to what we have in stock.

Happy shopping! I’ll be over here doing all sorts of fun adult things, like getting ready to attend the Nashville homeschool convention with our businesses next week! 🙂


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