Wahoo! I love when Lilla Rose offers a sale on every item! For two days only, this Friday and Saturday, you can save 15% off every item on the website! 

Select items are 40%-50% off!

Every order of $60 or more receives free U-Pins!

Lilla Rose Sale! Save 15%-50% off!

Still on the fence about if these would actually work for you? Let me show you a picture I took recently of my daughter. She is 8 and has two older brothers that she plays with. I’m often braiding her hair and putting it up in a flexi clip, because her hair tangles so easily!

She went to bed with a flexi clip in her hair one night, and I was amazed over how well the flexi clip had held her hair up overnight, and that it was still so secure!

Honey Bee flexi clip

These clips are lovely for thicker hair that needs to be up…

Dangle Flexi Clip from Lilla Rose

But it also works for pulling back just a little bit of hair!

Blue Flexi Clip

What busy mom doesn’t pull her hair back into a classic ponytail? Throw away that boring rubber band and pick a beautiful flexi clip to use instead!

Turquoise Tranquility Flexi Clip from Lilla Rose! Make a cute ponytail that will hold up all day long with a flexi clip!

I even go running with my hair pulled back in a flexi clip quite often, and I never have to stop and fix it!

Shop the sale here! 

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