What’s At Stake For Your Children In 2016?

We’ve been here before, haven’t we? The start of a fresh year full of possibilities. It’s that time when, if we have courage enough, we take stock of the year that’s past and resolve to make improvements in the areas that need them most. For most of us there are more areas that need improvement […]

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3 Things I’m Teaching My Boys About Modesty

The word modesty is normally associated with females. It’s the woman’s job to dress modestly, and men don’t have much to do with it, right? Hmm…let’s have a closer look at that. Modesty certainly applies to women, but it’s a topic that men should seriously consider as well. I began trying to get my boys […]

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Character Badges Is Here With A $300 Giveaway To Celebrate!

We did it! Awhile back you heard us talking about Character Badges, and then it went strangely quiet. It’s because we ended our Kickstarter Campaign as a brilliant new idea hit us. We’ve been doing our research and building the website, and today is the official launch day! We heard nothing but positive feedback throughout […]

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