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Ever since I had my second child 5 years ago, I have loved baby carriers. Not the typical Baby Bjorn carrier that you see so many parents using. I always cringe and feel sorry for their backs! I love using ergonomic type carriers-ones that support not only my child, but also myself as I carry them. Let’s face it, if mama’s back or shoulders go out, then the baby will not be carried at all!

Boba Carrier sent me a Boba Classic Carrier to try. Made out of 100% cotton fabric, padded shoulder straps, and secure buckles, this carrier is great!

The biggest difference between this carrier and the one I have been using is that there are foot straps for the infant to rest their feet on. I think it is a neat idea for older children who don’t like their feet dangling.

I really liked how much higher up this carrier went around my baby’s back. It made me feel even more secure that my baby was safe, and staying in the carrier. It was very easy to put on, and the snaps are extremely well made.

The only problem I had with the carrier was I felt like the shoulder straps dug into my arms more than my other carrier did.

You can purchase an organic cotton which is made in the USA, or the regular cotton carrier (as shown above) which is made in China. The classic carrier is $100.00 and the organic carrier is 128.00. If you are shopping for a new carrier, definitely go take a look at this website to see if this carrier will work for you!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on what your favorite carrier is!

(Boba Carrier sent me a carrier to review. I was not paid for this review, and all thoughts are strictly my own).

7 Comments on Boba Baby Carrier Review

  1. I have been borrowing an ERGO baby carrier from a friend of mine which I really love. It is comfortable and alleviates the stress on my back cause by situating baby on my hip. My only complaint is that I wish they weren't so pricey! This carrier looks similar, but you said it cut into your shoulders more than the other that you were using. Which one were you using before?

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I look forward to see what is working well for others also.


  2. My all time favorite is the Moby wrap 🙂 I found it with baby #4 and fell in love! I am looking forward to using it with baby #5 in a few months 😀

  3. When my first child was born, I tried so many baby carriers and could not find one that was comfortable to wear until I tried the ERGO. It was pricy, but I got a discount on a returned one. I got rid of all the others and have used my ERGO with all three of my kids. It is very comfortable for both my children and me. I like to hike alot with the kids and it has never hurt my back or shoulders when I have used it for extended periods of time. My husband also uses it once in a while. I have used it even when the kids were 3-4 years old and it is really sturdy. I would definately recommend the ERGO based on the durability and comfort I have experienced with using mine for many years. -Lisa O.

  4. the boba looks a lot like the Ergo, which is my all-time fav. I also like and use a home-made moby-style wrap (especially with an itty-bitty baby), and keep my hugamonkey sling in my bag at all times, for those quick trips into a store or friend's house.

  5. LU-CKY!

    I had to grin when I saw the title of this post in my e-mail box today. I love babywearing and have for the past 8 years. I have been wanting to see a review of the Boba!!

    I bought the original ERGO when it first came out with my second child and have used the newer versions as they came out with two more children. I really, really like the ERGO, but I have had my eye on the Boba because of the features you mentioned: the footstraps for the child and how the back is higher up for the child (and wider).

    Since I wear my ERGO mostly with toddlers, (I like wraps and slings for my babies under 6 months) the extra inches really would make a difference in keeping the child cozy and closer to my body. I am planning on buying a Boba just to see the difference in how it feels for my tall toddler daughter in the back carry, in comparison to the ERGO.

    So, question: did you feel that that you had to lean forward a little to compensate for the child leaning out a tad in the back carry position like in the ERGO? Or did you feel like you could just stand normally, without trying to compensate with your own posture?

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