My Favorite Resources 

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Here is a list of my favorite kitchen products, cookbooks, homemaking books and courses!


Instant Pot – This all in one kitchen product is pretty amazing! In my very small kitchen it’s the only kitchen tool that I leave out on the counter all the time. That shows you how much I use it! When I forget to start dinner in time, I use this for baked potatoes, and especially love it for cooking frozen chicken breast in under 30 minutes! It’s also a Rice cooker, yogurt maker, crockpot, and more! I highly recommend this! Find it on Amazon here.

Electric Pressure Cooking 101 Course – Do you have the Instant Pot but it’s just sitting on your counter? This course by Erin Chase will help you dive right in and use the Instant Pot for all it’s worth! I highly recommend this course if you want to learn how to truly use your Instant Pot!

Cookie Scoops– Another kitchen item I use all the time. This little tool makes baking cookies so much faster! I also use them at Christmas time when making truffles. The larger size scoop I use for muffins, it creates little mess and helps me make the same size muffins. Another time saver tool!

Full Set of Measuring Cups – Growing up we always had a complete set of measuring cups that included a ⅔ and ¾ cup. It was so helpful to a younger cook who didn’t want to guess at the measurements. I finally was given a complete set and it’s been wonderful using them with my own children. It’s a little harder to find the full sets but so worth it! Find a full stainless steel set on Amazon here.

Mixing Bowl – While I love stainless steel, my favorite mixing bowl ever is the OXO brand 5 quart white mixing bowl. They don’t slip around while mixing and you can use a hand held mixer without it making a lot of noise! Find all the different sizes on Amazon here.

Bosch Mixer – I grew up with one of these mixers and my husband was so sweet to gift me one years ago! If you make homemade bread, these are a must have! I have both a Bosch and a Kitchenaid mixer and the Bosch works so much better for making six loaves of bread at a time! I also use the food processor that goes with this. It’s not a huge food processor, but works well for smaller tasks.

Vitamix – After struggling with different blenders for years I finally purchased a Vitamix about two years ago and I love it! We make a lot of smoothies and this blender is awesome for blending up all the fruit and veggies! You don’t taste all the little seeds in the fruit. 🙂 I highly recommend this blender if you make smoothies a lot.


Bakeware Rack Divider – This is wonderful for keeping all your cookie sheets and cutting boards up straight in your cabinet!


Favorite Books for the Kitchen and Home

The Lifegiving Home – If you want encouragement in creating a family mealtime, or in how you want the mood of your home to be, get this book! I can’t say enough good things about this book and how it has encouraged me!

Having a Martha Home the Mary Way – This book is about so much more than just cleaning your house. It really dives deep into our hearts, and how we respond to being a homemaker.