Playing Kickball in skirt

Playing kickball in a skirt with my children!

3. Because they are comfortable 

The few times I wear pants I’m reminded of why I enjoy wearing skirts. They don’t cling to you, they are airy and cool instead of sticky and tight when it is hot out (if you don’t have a polyester slip underneath!). I find that I can do most things without pants on. Since I grew up this way it’s just natural to me.

I hear a lot of women say they can’t clean house, or garden, or go play outside with their children in a skirt. Wearing a longer skirt helps you be modest when you are on the floor with your children. When you are outside gardening, you could always wear a pair of shorts under your skirt if needed.

You might have to get a little creative, and think beyond what the average American woman wears.

A tank top and shorts  in the summertime is not required to stay cool. Choose a light weight maxi or knee length skirt, and if you need to layer a low cut top, choose a halftee for maximum modesty coverage, with minimum extra layers!

Fleece Lined Leggings and Brown Boots kept me warm! |

In the winter months, you can stay warm and modest in a skirt by layering with fleece lined leggings, and wearing cute and fashionable boots with your skirt or dress!


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