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Below is a list of all of the resources we offer, and where you can find them from.

The Well Ordered Parent Course by Sean and Caroline Allen

An 8 week online course designed to help you achieve more family purpose, peace and togetherness than you ever thought possible. This course has videos, amazing printables, and bonuses like the digital Character Badges version included! 

Character Badges 

Our character training system for children ages 5–13. It’s designed to inspire children to build habits of good character and to help parents be more consistent. Stop going to bed feeling guilty each night because all you did was correct and yell at your children all day long. Encourage your children in how you do want them to behave through the Obedience chart, and correct the poor behavior using the Disobedience Chart. This system is what we have used in our own home for years now!

Seven Day Hair Tutorial Course 

Learn how to make 7 different hairstyles that take you just minutes each morning! This course is good for the busy mom and the hairstyles work on girls and women! This course comes with 7 video tutorials.

Flexi Clips make great gifts for new mothers! They keep hair out of the way of babies grabbing it, and give mothers an easy way to style their hair in minutes. |


The Well Ordered Kitchen Planner 

The only kitchen planner you will ever need!

This amazing resource holds everything you need to take control of your kitchen. You can jump in and tackle it all at once or take it bite by bite…every tactic and tool we offer inside provides results so you can start feeling calmer and more excited when it comes to meal times. Contains over 95 pages of kitchen printables!

Lilla Rose Hair Products 

I’ve used these Flexi Clips, Hairbands, Bobby Pins and more for the last 10 years now!! It’s the only way I can keep my hair up without getting a headache and it literally takes just minutes to put it up! With seven different sizes of the flexi clip there is a size that fits all types of hair, thin or mega thick!

Ask me how you can order three items and get $17 in Lilla Bucks placed in your account! 

Young Living Oils, Supplements, Cleaning Products and Makeup 

We love to use Young Living oils in our home! We have had success with it boosting our immune systems, calming children down, helping sore muscles, and so much more!

Young Living offers so much more than just oils! All of our supplements comes from Young Living, and we clean with the Thieves household cleaner and laundry soap. I wear the Savvy Minerals makeup and absolutely love how 100% natural it is and how easy it is to use.

You can order a starter kit here!

Halftee Cami’s For Women and Girls

We used to sell these at our clothing store online and I still love them so much that I’m an affiliate for them. I use the Tank, Boyfriend and Basic Cami all the time to layer underneath sleeveless or low cut dresses and shirts. These also work amazingly well for maternity and breastfeeding!

Use the code: CarolineA533 to save 20% off your order!