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Do you need encouragement when it comes to being a mother? How about receiving it from 15 different mothers, all in different seasons of life? “The Pursuit of Motherhood” is an eBook that a group of ladies collaborated on to write, and I was invited to be one of the authors! Each of the authors took one or two chapters on topics we felt qualified to write about, and together it has turned into a beautiful and most encouraging 153 page ebook!

Growing up I had dreams of being a mother of many children. It was my heart’s desire to bring up children that would serve the Lord. However, once I started having children the reality of the work involved in achieving this vision set in. Motherhood is not for the faint of heart! It takes much dedication, prayer, and a vision that carries you through the rough days. I’ve found it very important to surround myself with encouraging friends, as well as encouraging and instructional books.

That’s why I’m so excited about “The Pursuit of Motherhood” eBook. The authors in this book are a mixture of younger moms and older Titus 2 mothers. It’s a perfect blend of mothers that are in the battle presently, and those who have some older children who encourage us to keep going!

I wrote a chapter called “The Modest Mom” (imagine that!) where I write about teaching our daughters modesty, offer some modest outfit suggestions, and share a list of my personal modesty standards. I wrote it not to set a strict list of rules, but to write about a topic that is near and dear to my heart.

“Breastfeeding and Child Attachment” was the other chapter I wrote. I’ve breastfed all five of my children and finally felt qualified to write about this subject. ­čÖé

Finally, “The Weary Mom” was a chapter I contributed to. Whether you have physical or mental fatigue, the thoughts I shared are for you. Mothering brings a strain on us, and many of us become weary both in body and spirit. This eBook will encourage you to keep pressing onward!

There are 19 chapters total, and I’m sure you will recognize and love many of the other authors that are in this eBook! Stop and grab a cup of tea and sit and be encouraged as you browse through this eBook.

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The Pursuit of Motherhood ebook! |



Here’s a list of the 17 chapters that you will find in this e-Book!

1. The Wise Mother  by June Fuentes

2. The Praying Mother by Jasmine Cucuta

3. Mothering Through the Little Years by Heather Knopp

4. The Working Mom by Melanie Moore

5. The Healthy Mom by Mary Clendenin

6. The Work at Home Mom by Mary Clendenin

7. Infertility, Part I: Primary and Secondary Infertility by Mary Clendenin

8. Infertility, Part II: The Empty Womb and Adoption by Jennifer Allen

9. The Modest Mom by Caroline Allen

10. Breastfeeding and Child Attachment by Caroline Allen

11. The Weary Mom, Part I by Caroline Allen

12. The Weary Mom, Part II by Richele McFarlin

13. The Homeschooling Mother by Amy Roberts

14. Mothering a Child with Special Needs by Sara Elizabeth Dunn

15. Raising Real Men by Melanie Young

16. Raising Homemakers by Kelly Crawford

17. Be Fruitful and Multiply by Jacinda Vandenberg

18. Biblical Motherhood by Lindsey Stomberg

19. Leaving a Legacy by Jacqueline Fitzgerald



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