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Character Badges is a system consisting of three charts (the Obedience Chart, the Disobedience Chart, and the Consequence Chart), a series of specially designed badges, and a set of flash cards which work together to make character training fun and rewarding for both you and your child.  Buy the bundled set and SAVE!


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Why buy the bundled set?

Do you have children ages 3-12? If so then you need both Character Badges sets. Buy them together at this special bundled price!

Character Badges is a unique system consisting of three charts (the Obedience Chart, Disobedience Chart, and Consequence Chart), reward badges, and flash cards. Everything has been designed to work together to make character training fun and rewarding for both you and your child.

As a companion system to Character Badges, Little Character Badges is designed for children between the ages of 3 and 5. Here, all of the features of the Character Badges system have been customized with little ones in mind.

The Details

Character Badges is recommended for children ages 5-12

Little Character Badges is recommended for children ages 3-5

Buy them separately, or buy both together at a bundle price! Included in the PDF download are detailed instructions on how to use this program.

Character Badges is a PDF Download, and will be delivered to your email after purchasing. The King James Version Bible is used for scripture references.

Please note, there are NO returns. All sales are final on the Character Badges.

What are People Saying?

“The Character Badges Program is a wonderful new program that is a work of heart by parents who want to raise up their children to follow God’s plan. I am excited to fully implement this in our home with our sons. They are on the older end of the spectrum but they love charts and badges and need a reinforcement of what they have learned through the years. The charts and badges are a wonderful way to motivate children and to reach their hearts while training them to walk on the right path.” – Mary at


2 reviews for Character Badges Bundle Set

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jacinda @

    I particularly like how these charts help me keep my own anger is check. By stating what kind of consequences are appropriate for particular infractions, I’m less likely to fly off the handle and assign a discipline too severe for the crime. The children also know what to expect when they disobey. The upside to to this is that the consequences can be a deterrent to misbehavior. The downside is that a child can weigh the penalty before hand and calculate whether their temporary pleasure of sin is worth the risk.

    As with any method of character training, it can be easy to fall into the trap of Pharisaical legalism where our children learn to believe that their “righteousness” can warrant something they truly do not deserve. But, with regular reminders that good character must be more than a public display in front of Mom and Dad, the Character Badges can be a great tool in cultivating godly habits that will hopefully come naturally, even when no one is watching, because they’re rooted in sincere love for the Lord and a desire to obey His commands.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Heather @

    From the first moment I began looking over the Character Badges Manual I just knew this was something I wanted to use with my children right away. We’ve let way too many acts of disobedience slide through the cracks and it’s time to get a hold on it. I’m excited about starting the Character Badges program with them and can’t wait to see positive results. And, I just know they’ll be more eager to obey when wearing a badge is involved!

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