Menu Plan for week of March 8th

From Jennifer AllenMenu Plan: For this week’s menu plan I wanted to try a few new recipes such as the Parmesan Chicken and Bruschetta Chicken Bake. My husband dislikes pancakes generally but enjoys the Favorite Pancakes recipe. If you smother them with a Blueberry Sauce they are delicious! For the Breakfast Burritos I have made […]

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Raising Boys!

This is a wonderful article from the Boyers on how to raise boys…stay tuned for more being written by them! “Boys need to be encouraged to try new things,experiments, building, etc. As our boys reached, say, 7 or 8 years of age we would supply them with wood and nails and let them try building […]

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Handwriting help!

My husband and I were a little dismayed to discover that our oldest son is left handed. I think are reasons were different for being a little anxious about it. My husband is an artist, and he doesn’t know any good artists that are left handed-though I’m sure they are out there! I am a […]

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