It’s February. It’s the month where so many people get stuck feeling blah, and homeschooling moms are so tempted to switch curriculums. If I’m being honest, I have switched a few things around the last month. Ha! We have had so much snow here in Missouri and we should be getting more tomorrow. I’m very ready for spring!

I’ve been pretty quiet on the blog lately, but it doesn’t mean that I’m not working. I’ve been doing lots of behind the scenes work, and hope to be able to jump back into blogging regularly soon. I’ve been in major survival mode as a mom lately, Emily is still not sleeping very well at nights which makes everything more challenging!

I thought I would share pictures of Emily for this week’s Modest Monday post. Carrianna took these pictures, I thought she did a great job! Emily turned 6 months old on Valentine’s Day!

Emily Mercy has two teeth that just popped through, and she really is a little sweetheart! She loves to be with people, but she will be happy chewing on teething toys on the floor for awhile. Her favorite toy is the classic Sophie the Giraffe.

Her smile brings so much cheer to our home!

She has her serious moments as well. 🙂

She recently started sitting up, the children think that’s the greatest thing ever!

I’m incredibly thankful for the gift of modern medicine. There are many things about modern medicine that I don’t like, but I’m so thankful for my doctor knowing I needed to be on Progesterone in order to sustain my last two pregnancies.

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  1. Emily is adorable. I can see why she brings so much joy to your home and how wonderful that the other children are enjoying her progress, too. Our weather is pretty mild here in comparison to the rest of the country, but one of my granddaughters got married in November and moved to Wisconsin. She has had to adjust to a very different climate! Thanks for hosting and blessings to you and your family!

  2. That makes me feel good to hear about the Homeschool curriculum, we have done the same!! We’ve been on the switch out for a month now and LOVE it… feels much more sustainable.

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