It’s time for another Modest Monday, and I’m thrilled to not be pregnant this week. 🙂 If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram these pictures won’t be new to you, but I wasn’t planning on doing anything fancy for this week’s post. 🙂

It’s been fantastic to snuggle a new baby this week. So far the recovery has been going great. Of course we have had our challenges, but those are normal for the first week! Emily had a bit of a tongue tie, nothing crazy but we opted to go ahead and fix it. Nursing has been more painful than I would like, but we are working through that and I’m blessed to have a friend that came over to give me feedback and some fresh ideas.

I’ve decided to embrace my postpartum tummy this time and look at it as a beautiful thing. I’ve carried seven children, and I’m not even stressing about what I look like right now.

We had family over on Saturday and it was the first day I got dressed and even managed to get some makeup on, while Emily’s big sisters took turns holding her.

And it’s time to wrap this up…she is awake and needs me again! 🙂

Link Up Time!

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  1. Okay, I don’t think you should speak baby talk to infants, but, “Oh goodness, her is such a pwetty widdle girl!, her is, yes her is!” lol, congratulations dear. Rest up and enjoy all the snuggling you can get.

  2. What a special bundle! And post partum belly is a badge to wear proudly. It will go away soon enough as you well know. She is too cute. Thank you so much for hosting again this week. You always do so much for bloggers! Try to stay cool and enjoy your week ahead.

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