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You might have heard people talking about essential oils. They seem to be the latest rage, bloggers are expounding on the wonderful healing ingredients found in essential oils, and your friends are sharing their testimonials about how essential oils have helped them. What are essential oils though? How can a tiny drop really do anything?

Essential oils are highly concentrated liquid extracted from leaves, stems, flowers, bark, roots, or other plant elements. This liquid is typically distilled to make a pure oil. If you are wondering just how concentrated an essential oil can be, it has been estimated that it takes around 3,000 lemons to make 2 pounds of lemon essential oil. That is a lot of lemons! So you can see just how concentrated one little drop can be.

How They Have Helped My Family

I read about essential oils for a long time before I decided to try them out. I’ve used them for scrapes, cuts, burns, fevers, colds, sinus infections, feeling stressed out, insomnia, headaches, a staph infection on my child’s skin, broken bones, and I’m currently trying them on my varicose veins. While I would never say that essential oils cures anything and everything, I have seen good results in my home using these oils.

~I’ve had a child get a high fever in the middle of the night, and after putting peppermint oil on him it came down a whole degree in a short time!

~Lavender has healed up a nose that was hit by a snow shovel and there is no scar, when there should have been! (Total accident with the snow shovel, two boys outside together shoveling snow. Need I say more?)

~Lemongrass has healed my child’s staph infection on her face, when we had tried 2 months of prescription cream on her face without seeing good results.

~Ylang Ylang and Lavender has helped me deal with stress.

As a mom of five children I’m thankful to have these oils in my home to use on the many childhood illnesses and scrapes. I use Young Living essential oils as I know I can safely use this high quality oil on our entire family, and even take some of them internally.

The Cost

What held me back from ordering in the beginning was the cost. It’s no secret, essential oils can be costly. However once I invested in the initial starter kit and started getting my oils at a wholesale price, I realized just how long one bottle of oil can last! You can easily make a bottle of oil last for months. Thieves (an excellent immune building oil) can be used daily on your feet to boost your immune system, or you can use it just when your family is sick. It’s up to you how long you make these oils last.

How To Order

You can purchase oils as a customer, or sign up with a wholesale account to receive a discount on all your purchases! If you are serious about using oils, this is the best option. Essential Rewards is a monthly auto-ship program where you order the items you need for your family, so you never run out! When you sign up for a wholesale account, you have the choice to either purchase the oils for your family, or share about the oils with your friend and grow a business! You just need to order $50 a month if ordering for your family, or $100 a month if ordering and trying to grow a business. When you are a member of the Essential Rewards program you earn credit to spend on future orders!

For $160 you get the Everyday Oil Kit (retail value of $163) AND a Home Diffuser (retail value of $117)! That’s a $120 savings! Plus, you also get a bottle of Stress Away and some packets of NingXia Red!

Young Living Start Kit

Are you worried you won’t figure out how to use the oils? Don’t worry, once you sign up for special wholesale price I can get you added to a special Facebook group that has a wealth of information on using the essential oils!

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  1. How did you apply lemongrass to face without stinging? My son has one in a sensitive area afraid to drop lemongrass on it due to stinging

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