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7 Comments on Contact

  1. Still wondering if you realize your planner attendance sheets is missing the month of february and what u will do to fix.

  2. Hello! Can you let me know if you received my email about wordmarbles? I got a connection timed out response. Thank you!

  3. Oh hey! I was wondering if you ever posted a follow-up to your modest pants post from 2014? Those were some nice outfits! I especially liked the one with the zig zag sweater, and the one with the long button down shirt. I would totally understand, though if you preferred not to be put through the wringer again, though – the comments were…. brutal. I cringed a time or two! I’m not Christian, so that might color my reactions, though. They just seemed so unnecessarily harsh and mean.

    Anyway, please tell me you have more outfit ideas for me to consider and probably try and put together?

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