My Fall Stitch Fix Review

It’s been awhile since I received a new Stitch Fix box so it was extra exciting to get one in the mail! I rarely go out shopping for clothes for myself these days. I just don’t have time to get out by myself to shop, which makes Stitch Fix so nice! If you are new […]

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Dainty Jewell’s Denim Dress Review

Oh Dainty Jewell’s. Where were you almost 15 years ago when I got married? If I could go back and change one thing about our wedding, it would for sure be the bridesmaid dresses. We sewed the dresses and none of them fit the bridesmaids properly, and the style wasn’t really what I wanted. Dainty […]

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Hydrochic Athletic Skirt and Top

There is something about having specific workout clothes that helps you get out the door to walk, run, or go to the gym be much easier. I used to find a denim skirt that would work and go walk, but they were always hot and I felt so out of place at the track wearing […]

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Girl’s Rainbow Denim Skirts Are Here!

It’s been a dream come true. For years now I thought how wonderful it would be to have our popular Rainbow Denim Skirt be available for girls. But it was a passing thought, in the midst of changing yet another dirty diaper and folding my 160,700 load of laundry since getting married. 😉 Last year […]

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My Super Exciting News!!

I’ve been waiting weeks to share this news with you all! No, I’m not pregnant. 🙂 I’m sure that’s why everyone clicked over to see. Ha! I’m going to be a LulaRoe Consultant!! <—– Link to my Group If It’s Not Clear Below!  A what? Why? Are You Crazy? If those thoughts are swirling around […]

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Modest Monday and a Link Up!

It’s been a week full of adventures! Our refrigerator broke and we went for almost a week without one. We finally found one on Craigslist, it’s just a few months old and is really nice! So thankful for good deals, and it feels like a luxury to have my dream refrigerator (the fridge on top, […]

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