Cowgirl Dirt 40% off sale and giveaway!

(Affiliate Links Included) Cowgirl Dirt. I am the furthest thing imaginable from a cowgirl. I always laugh that I love makeup with that name. Just ask my sister. She can tell you stories of how long it took her to convince me to get on top of a horse, only to either be bucked off, […]

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Giveaway #1: Cowgirl Dirt Makeup

  Even though I’m not a western cowgirl I love Cowgirl Dirt Makeup. The company truly sticks to it’s word when it promises pure cosmetics. The prices are great for natural makeup that is made with organic oils. I like how the makeup goes on, and that it doesn’t feel sticky or heavy. Cowgirl Dirt […]

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Cowgirl Dirt Review and Giveaway

I discovered Cowgirl Dirt a few months ago, and I’ve been so happy that I did! Slowly a lot of my makeup is transitioning over to this company. While I am so not a cowgirl (my experience on horses have been mostly falling off, or getting bucked off as a child!), don’t let the name […]

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