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10 Basic Tips To Cut Your Grocery Bill

From Jennifer Allen The other day I ran across these 10 Basic Tips To Cut Your Grocery Budget Bill at Life in A Shoe. This is a blog I enjoy reading. KimC has plenty of food budgeting experience with a family of 12, soon to be 13. These 10 tips she gave were very good […]

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Organizing Your Recipes

From Jennifer Allen I love to collect recipes. There is a love of cooking and collecting recipes passed down from my great-grandma to my Mom then to me. I have been collecting recipes since I was 16. I have changed the way I keep my recipe collection several times. I started out in one of […]

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Save $1500 on Groceries?

Now this lady has some great ideas on how to save $1500 a year on groceries. No, let me correct myself, you can save this much money in 7 months. Danielle did! Danielle at Transforming Home said it was easy. Here are some of her ideas: This time last year my weekly shopping trip went […]

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Household uses of Hydrogen Peroxide

From Jennifer Allen I found this list of household uses for hydrogen peroxide as I was reading through a manual about getting rid of mold & mildew. This company is selling a specific product that has a large portion of hydrogen peroxide. To prove the point of the effectiveness of their product they gave these […]

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Grocery Organizing Tip

From Jennifer Allen Today I wanted to share a quick grocery organizing tip I use often. I have a magnetic shopping list pad stuck on my fridge. As I am cooking or having my baking days I will run across an ingredient I am low on or don’t have at all. I stop and run […]

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Organizing Your Home

From Jennifer Allen Last month my mother moved in with us due to her illness. We have completely rearranged several rooms in the house upstairs and downstairs according to her needs and ours. All our books have been moved, furniture, and all my sewing room. Needless to say it has been a lot to pull […]

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