How We Use Essential Oils In Our Family

Over the years now our family has really enjoyed using essential oils for various reasons. I’ve gone through different periods where I heavily use them, then other seasons where I don’t use them quite as much. This past winter I found my herbal cabinet really low, but I had some good quality essential oils in […]

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What My Trip To The Library Taught Me

My children have been begging me to go to the library, so we finally made it there yesterday and they loaded up my card full of new books. We didn’t have the two year old with us, so I had a blast getting to quietly browse through all the books myself. I made it over […]

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A Better Day, A Better You Challenge!

I’m so delighted to invite you all to join me on a 30 Day challenge in September! It’s called A Better Day, A Better You. Why am I making this challenge? Because I need accountability. It’s as simple as that. And I know I’m not the only one. This summer has been rough on my […]

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