Lilla Rose Giveaway!

Do you like to fix your daughter’s hair? Lilla Rose offers amazing hair products that will help you style your daughter’s hair (or your own) in just minutes!  When I first heard about the flexi clip I was skeptical until I actually tried one. Much to my disbelief they actually work on my silky smooth […]

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Feminine Inspiration

Do you need some encouragement in all things feminine? I love looking at beautiful images that portray femininity. It inspires me and gives me ideas. Here are some beautiful images to brighten your Friday!  Source: Victoria Haydon via Growing Stam on Pinterest Source: malphi via Far Above Rubies on Pinterest  Source: via Angie R on […]

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Braided Headband Tutorial

My hair is very straight and silky. It’s hard to do a lot of hairstyles on unless I spend a lot of time and hairspray on it. 🙂 I saw this simple braided headband tutorial on Pinterest and thought it looked really cute! So I gave it at try this week and it actually sort […]

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November Flexi Clip Is Back In Stock!

The very popular November Flexi of the Month is now back in stock! This Flexi sold out extremely quickly when it was first released, and thankfully Lilla Rose has been able to get some more made in time!  The Fallen Leaf is just beautiful, this is one of my favorite monthly clips they have made! […]

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