Modest Mondays Outfit

It’s Monday again! The week certainly went by fast. Today’s Modest Monday outfit is what I wore to church yesterday.  I wore a brown jacket with ruffles. It was a Wal-Mart special that was given to me from my sister, but I thought it was cute!  Under the jacket I wore a sleeveless black tank […]

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New Fabric at The Modest Mom!

We have new fabric available for skirts at The Modest Mom!  Most of this fabric is in very limited quantity, so if you want a skirt made from it you might want to hurry and place your order before it’s gone!  Choose from our women’s line of ruffle or a-line skirts, or our maternity ruffle […]

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Modest Monday {And A Link Up!}

Today we have something special! Two friends of mine graciously agreed to be highlighted on Modest Monday, so their pictures are below. I hope that these weekly pictures are giving you inspiration and new ideas on how to dress modestly!  Jessica from Candle in the Night blog  is a mommy of two little girls 21 months […]

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Feminine Inspiration

Do you need some encouragement in all things feminine? I love looking at beautiful images that portray femininity. It inspires me and gives me ideas. Here are some beautiful images to brighten your Friday!  Source: Victoria Haydon via Growing Stam on Pinterest Source: malphi via Far Above Rubies on Pinterest  Source: via Angie R on […]

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Braided Headband Tutorial

My hair is very straight and silky. It’s hard to do a lot of hairstyles on unless I spend a lot of time and hairspray on it. 🙂 I saw this simple braided headband tutorial on Pinterest and thought it looked really cute! So I gave it at try this week and it actually sort […]

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Modest Monday Outfit!

Today’s outfit is what I wore Saturday. I have heard some women say they could never clean the house in a skirt, but this is the outfit I wore to tidy up the house, and run errands in. You can wear a cute outfit even while doing the mundane things!  My grey sweater is from […]

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