Why I Love Pink Blush Maternity Dresses!

It can be incredibly difficult to find good maternity clothes! I bought a brand new dress for this pregnancy, and now just a few months later it looks like I’ve worn it through several pregnancies, the fabric is so worn. When I buy maternity dresses I want them to be pretty, comfortable, and something that […]

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Women – God Made You Beautiful!

Spending time at homeschool conventions behind a booth leaves you lots of time for people watching. I’ll be totally honest – I don’t spend my time observing families. Rather, I observe outfits. I left this last convention with the same old spark revived in my heart. I love fashion. And when I say fashion I […]

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Dressing Your Truth Type 1 Stores!

Last year I learned about the Dressing Your Truth program, and I’m still so glad I went through the course and figured out what type I am! I am a Type 1, which means I love fun, bright and cheerful clothes! I’m not as Type 1 as some, meaning I’m not interested in wearing flamingos […]

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Winter Styles To Avoid The Frumpy Feeling

I’ve been thinking a lot about wardrobes, modest outfits and the winter months. Some women love the winter months because they can bundle up and not worry nearly so much about modesty. Others feel claustrophobic, frumpy, and ill kept. Normally I love winter clothes but this year it’s not been so great. Since I never […]

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