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I love scarves. They are such an easy way to accessorize an outfit. I didn’t find myself wearing them during the summer as it is hot here in the midwest. During the fall and winter is when I pull out all my scarves and have fun with them!

Fall Scarves1

All of these scarves in the collage you can find on Zulily currently. The Infinity scarves are super easy to wear as there is no tying involved. If you are up to learning how to tie scarves, here are some excellent tutorials for you.


12 Ways to Tie A Scarf



The video below shows how to tie the a woven scarf like the picture above.

How to tie a scarf


You can go here to see a larger picture of this tutorial. I think it is a great help!

Elegant Scarf TyingThis is one of my favorite ways to tie a scarf!

I’ve found some great scarves on Zulily. Besides there I’ve seen some lovely ones at Ross, Marshalls and Kohls.

Do you wear scarves with your outfits? 

5 Comments on An easy accessory for fall!

  1. I just started this Fall! I always liked them but I have do have trouble wearing them because of a “permanent” bruise at the base of my neck. They tend to sit right on it and can cause a headache. But I’m learning to just adjust them so they sit a little farther back on my neck and I love the look.

  2. I absolutely love scarves. Everything from lightweight/square to long/winter scarves. My most “daring” move was a few years ago when I wore an oversized lightweight scarf “old Western bandit” style . It was warm and comfy and I got so many compliments on it that it became a staple in my wardrobe.

    Thanks for sharing all the fun ways to style a scarf!

    ~ Emily N. from “too Blessed to Stress”

  3. I don’t really wear scarves around my neck, other than one that a friend taught me how to make out of an old cut-up t-shirt. But, I started wearing head scarves this year because I lost some of my hair from Chemo treatments and wanted that part of my head covered.

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