4 Solid Color Shirts For Women

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There are certain days you want a casual, relaxed outfit. Solid color shirts can go with anything and everything!

Surprisingly, finding solid color shirts that hold up and are not super thin can be difficult to find. I have four different shirts from four different brands to share with you today. None of these shirts are very expensive and are all comfortable!

All these shirts ran true to size. I’m currently a size medium in a t-shirt, and except for the Mossimo they all are a medium.

Solid Color Shirt #1

Mosimmo Brand – These shirts from Target are soft, fit well, and surprisingly hold up very well for the affordable price tag. They have several different colors as well as stripes.

If you don’t shop at Target right now, keep reading….I have more options!

Solid Color Shirt #2

Gap Vintage Wash Crewneck Shirt – I’ve gone back and forth on my opinion of this shirt. It’s the priciest of all the shirts on this post, and it is one of the thinner ones. However it has a really tight weave, I don’t think it will pill at all and has held up very nicely so far. I don’t have to wear a cami under it, and I would love to get some other colors.

I purchased it during a half off special, and right now they still have sales running on all the different colors.

Solid Color Shirt #3

Liz Claiborne White T-Shirt – It’s terribly difficult to find a white t-shirt that is thick enough to wear without a cami under it. I was hopeful that I had found it with this one, but I feel better wearing a cami under it.

This is a soft shirt and it looks nice with the French White lace cami from Deborah & Co.

And sometimes I have to just break out into a fun pose. 🙂 

Solid Color Shirt #4

A.N.A Boyfriend Tee – I love the sleeves on this shirt! It makes a basic shirt look a little different. It comes in a huge variety of colors. I think it’s one of my favorites, just because it has a slightly different look.

So there you go, four perfectly good options for solid colored shirts!




Modest Monday and a Link Up!

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It’s officially summer and I’m loving it! We visited with friends on Saturday evening and all the children played in the sprinkler, threw water balloons, and had fun outside all evening. I love summer play! My children do complain about how hot it gets, which is why we start our school back up again in August. They never want to be outside when it’s super hot, unless they are playing in water. 🙂

Talking about summer…this feels like a good summer outfit! Sandals, a comfy maxi dress and a halftee!

I saw a blogger wear this dress, and finally decided to order it after hearing how much she loved it. I’ve never ordered anything from Nordstrom before, I don’t think I’ve even looked on the website before! I always had in my head that everything was super expensive there, but this knit maxi dress was affordable!

The maxi dress is super comfortable, and it would even work for nursing mothers! I love that it has adjustable straps, so you could pull it up even higher and wear it with a jacket.

Right now there are 4 different colors available on Nordstrom. The Barberry color was just added and I love it!

The only thing I don’t like about the dress is the length. I’m 5’5″ and I wish it was slightly longer, though I don’t have to worry about tripping at all with the current length. For all of you who are a little shorter and looking for a maxi dress, this is a great one to get!

I curled my hair with hot rollers, and used one of the new leather headbands from Lilla Rose. Those headbands are amazing! They don’t give me headbands, and the leather ones really keep your hair in place all day long!

What I wore

Dress – Lush Knit Maxi Dress (size medium)

Cami – Halftee with short sleeves

Sandals – TOMS brand

Necklace – Silver Tassel Necklace (this one is similar)

Hairband – Lilla Rose Jean hairband

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Petite Ladies – Skirts and Dresses For The Shorter Women

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I have to admit, I’m thankful for my height. At 5’5″I’m not petite and I’m not tall. However there have been times that I have looked longingly at the outfits that shorter ladies have been able to wear. There are so many cute dresses out there that are just an inch or two shorter than what I feel comfortable wearing.

That being said, I hear petite ladies mention how hard it can be to find maxi skirts or dresses that they are not tripping over all the time. I was just out shopping and found a few things for petite ladies that I wanted to pass along!

If you are petite (meaning shorter than the average person), definitely don’t just shop in the petite section! Check out all the knee length length dresses or skirts that will be mid length on you. The above the knee skirt will be knee length for you!

Here are some petite length skirts that I fell in love with, but the good news is that most of these are available in regular length as well! And most of these are on sale for some great prices!

I was shopping in the petite section at JCPenny for shirts (yes, I actually bought some petite shirts! My sister convinced me they looked good!), and saw these maxi skirts. These are a great find for you petite ladies! They have several different colors and patterns such as solid and stripes, and the quality of Liz Claiborne brand is great!

These skirts are available in misses and petite lengths, so make sure you select petite length when checking out.

I’m in love! The Chap brand from Kohls is a really good quality brand and normally these petite tiered skirts are out of my price range at $79.00. I don’t always see them on sale, but right now they are half off! These are available in petite and regular length, and look so beautiful for summer with sandals. If you are tired of wearing the same old t-shirts with skirts, try a chambray shirt with this skirt.

This chambray shirt comes in petite and regular length, and you could just roll the sleeves up for warm weather like they have shown in the picture.

Here is a cute knee length knit skirt that my sister tried on. The color wasn’t right for her, but I loved it! The red would be great for the 4th of July, and they offer 4 different colors, including a floral that is beautiful! Once again, this skirt comes in petite and regular length, so make sure you choose the correct length when purchasing.

Are you looking for a little nicer dress in petite length? I fell in love with this maxi dress, and it would be gorgeous with a shrug over it. I would wear this to church, to a wedding, party, or even a nice date night out with my husband!

I almost tried this dress on but I had spent enough so I put it back. It’s a really pretty maxi dress, and it’s a little more casual for summer days. You could wear a short sleeve halftee under it, or wear a halftee tank if you want it sleeveless. The material is wrinkle free which is always fantastic with young children sitting on your lap. Yes, I speak from experience. I always have a child on my lap at church!

Here is another great causal maxi dress that would be great with a short sleeve Halftee under it.

Finally, don’t forget about the coral dress that we sell at Deborah & Co. It would be mid length on a petite person, and would be super cute!

Petites ladies – share your own suggestions for how you shop for modest skirts and dresses! I know other ladies would really appreciate it!










Modest Monday and a Link Up!

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Summer brings garage sales…and I’m trying to work on gathering up items to bring to my mother in law’s garage sale. I always want to purge my house more, but it’s a lot of work to do that! I only have a few days left to get things together, so it’s top priority the next few days!

My sister and I went shopping together on Saturday and we had so much fun! We spent quite awhile at JCPenny, trying in clothes and getting each others opinion. It’s way more fun to go shopping with a friend or sister for clothes. We have different styles, which is probably better so we are not constantly buying the same items.

I’ve gone to Sephora twice now for some foundation samples. I’m trying to decide if I want to just join Younique to get their kit and keep using their makeup, or find a brand at Sephora that I like and just go with that. In this picture I have Tarte foundation on, which I’ve read is one of the most natural brands you can find at Sephora. I like it, but I’m going to use it a few more times to see what I really think. So far I’m still finding the Younique foundation to have the best coverage.

This Choose Happy Shirt was one I found at JCPenny and instantly knew it was for me. I love how feminine it is with the pretty flowers, and of course love the message! It’s on sale right now for a really good price as well!

What mama doesn’t need to be reminded to choose happy throughout their day?

If you are in need of a new denim skirt for you or your girls, today only you can grab any of our Rainbow Denim skirts and get free shipping in the USA with the code: FREERAINBOW at the checkout! 

French braids without a proper part. Sometimes your hairstyles reflects your moods. 🙂

What I Wore

Skirt – Rainbow Denim Skirt from Deborah & Co.

Shirt – Choose Happy from JCPenny

Shoes – Converse

Flexi Clip – Medium dangle clip from Lilla Rose

Earrings – Paparazzi

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