Modest Monday and a Link Up (Baby Blessing Edition!)

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Sunday was a special day for our family as Sophia had her baby blessing at our church! I’m always nervous, hoping the baby will not cry the whole time but she did awesome!

Baby blessing of Sophia at our church! Such a special day!

All of the other girl’s blessing dresses have been homemade. This was the first dress that we actually bought, and I hope she will forgive me later in life. 😉 It’s important to me that they each have a special dress of their own, so they can pass it down to their daughters one day if they want (I don’t have a special dress, being the youngest child I don’t have any special clothes saved back).

A sweet baby blessing dress!

I found her dress on Zulily and it was a great deal! Baby bonnets are a favorite of mine, so I loved that it came with one. :)

A special baby blessing dress from Zulily!

Sean and I couldn’t love this girl any more. I don’t worry about not having enough love for all my children, every one is so different and unique. Thankfully we have never had issues with sibling jealously towards a new baby. They are loved and kissed on all the time!

Family love! I love having a large family and think of every child as a blessing!

I found this maxi dress at Costco and realized I’d be able to nurse in it using a halftee! They really have been such a blessing for the pregnant and breastfeeding years, and the normal seasons of life as well. :)

What I Wore

Maxi Dress – Costco (They are around $18 there!)

Halftee – I wore the ¾ sleeve just because my short sleeve one was dirty. :)

Sandals – Wedges from Kohls

Flexi Clip – Mini clip from Lilla Rose (Don’t forget about the free shipping special going on for new consultants, and the informational Facebook party I’m doing Thursday night!)

Makeup – L’BRI Pure and Natural

Link Up Time!

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Join Lilla Rose during the FREE shipping Special!

This post may contain Affiliate Links. Thank you for your support!

Join Lilla Rose during this FREE Shipping special! Get any kit shipped for free only through the end of July!

It’s here!! I’m often asked if there are specials with joining Lilla Rose but I normally have to say no. This rare occasion is here though, and I’m excited to share it with you!

Today though July 31st, you can join Lilla Rose as a consultant and receive free shipping on any of your enrollment kit!

If you asked me what has surprised me the most about this whole blogging, work from home, owning a business adventure, I would have to say Lilla Rose. It’s been an amazing story.

I joined the company with lots of questions and very unsure of it. I had always said I would never join a MLM company, I didn’t want the pressure of it all. And can anyone actually make money with an MLM company?

I quickly learned that Lilla Rose is not a normal MLM company, there is zero pressure to sale, promote, buy inventory, etc. When I mean zero, I mean zip, nada, zilch, nothing. You grow your business at YOUR pace!

Plus, you don’t have any monthly website fees! The only thing you have to do to stay active as a consultant is to purchase or sell $29 worth of products each year. That’s it!


I joined as a consultant, then became a supervisor, then a manager and thought I’d just stay there. The unreal thing happened to me, and I became a director with the company! It’s been an exciting journey and I love the team of ladies that I get to work with!

If you want to learn more information, you can go to the website and read about the different kits. But to learn even more, I created a Facebook event for this coming Thursday evening at 7:00 PM! I’m going to be sharing all about Lilla Rose, and what is involved in being a consultant. If you want to learn more, or have questions please join the event!

If you are ready to join right away and don’t want to wait, here is some more information for you.

Five Reasons you should become a Lilla Rose Consultant!

Read through the post I wrote: Five Reasons You Should Become A Lilla Rose Consultant!

You can watch a video made by my upline on the different kit options!Very helpful to understand the kits!

Please contact me if you have any questions! I’d love to help you grow a side business, one that could help pay a few bills, cover piano lessons for your child, pay for some homeschool books, or even turn it into a larger business with a good income!


Feminine Friday (Breezy Summer Outfits)

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Feminine Fridays at The Modest Mom

I need the inspiration from these Feminine Friday posts myself right now. Actually what I really need is some sleep. Hours and hours of solid, uninterrupted sleep.

What I am thinking? I have a 3 month old baby. That isn’t going to happen for quite awhile!

I couldn’t even put in my contacts the other day because I couldn’t get my eyes open wide enough to get them in. True story. They were burning from being tired. Getting dressed everyday where I look fantastic?

So not happening right now.

I’m trying. I really am. But my biggest priority is to feed my baby, and that takes a lot of work! This time is short, and she is worth all the sleepless nights. And barely put together outfits. :)

Truly Tropical - The Modest Mom

Truly Tropical

Skirt ~ Tank ~ Cardigan ~ Sandals ~ Earrings ~ Purse ~ Flexi Clip

I just found a cardigan like this on ThredUP! I’ll have to try it with my gray maxi skirt that I have.

Evening Sky - The Modest Mom

Evening Sky

Skirt ~ Halftee Tank ~ Cardigan ~ Sandals ~ Bracelet ~ Earrings ~ Flexi Clip

I love wearing blue! It always surprises me since I don’t like decorating with blue. Not one tiny bit! But wearing it is different, I seem to be drawn towards it. This looks like a fun outfit.

Evening Stroll - The Modest Mom

Evening Stroll

Skirt ~ Halftee Tank ~ Peasant Top ~ Sandals ~ Purse ~ Earrings ~ Flexi Clip

Love the accessories in this outfit! Plus the purse is on sale for a really good price at Kohls, which makes it possible to get this look. :)

I’m curious, do you all have multiple purses? I only have 1 or 2, but I know some women have different purses for every outfit!

Have a lovely weekend!

Modest Girl’s Skirt Giveaway!

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It can be so hard to find denim skirts for girls. Especially adorable, high quality denim skirts. I’m thrilled to have discovered a source that I can recommend to you all!

Denim Skirt from Skirted Blues Etsy store!

Skirted Blues is an Etsy store ran by Ruth, a mom who has little girls herself and understands the need for modest denim skirts! She takes brand new jeans and transforms them into the skirt you see! We have the Girls Denim and Chevron Ruffle Skirt from her Etsy Store.

Modest Denim Skirt for Girls, made from jeans and added chevron fabric to it!

One thing I love about these skirts is that Ruth uses jeans with an adjustable waist! So helpful for smaller size girls! We have already washed this skirt several times and it seems to be a really good quality skirt that will last! I’ll definitely be passing this skirt down to the younger girls.

We have gotten so many compliments on this skirt, everyone wants to know where I found it or if I made it. I just laugh and say I haven’t sewed in quite awhile now, I just don’t have time! I’m thankful for resources like this!

Ruth has lots of different styles available in her Etsy store, including maternity and women’s jean skirts also!

Denim Mid Length Skirt with Contrasting accent

This is a really cute skirt for ladies!

If you are needing new denim skirts for your girls, I highly recommend shopping from Skirted Blues. It would be a good resource to send to grandparents looking for places to purchase gifts. :)

Ruth makes this signature collection girl’s denim skirt. It’s a good knee length skirt that can be paired with tights or leggings, and let an active girl play outside to her heart’s content.

Girl's classic denim skirt!
You can enter to win one of these skirts below! The skirt being given away is for your choice of sizing, from 6 months to size 14. USA only.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*We were sent a skirt for this review, but all thoughts are strictly my own!*