Imaginets Learning Toy for Children

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I love being on the Timberdoodle blogging crew. I don’t pick many items to review (because it all takes time!) but once in awhile I can’t help but get a new item, as I’d love to review almost everything they sell!

I was looking for a new educational toy for my preschool age daughter, and when I saw Imaginets I was excited, and hopeful that she would like it. What I didn’t expect is that all of my children would like it, even my 10 year old!

Imaginets Magnetic Toy

Imaginets encourages educational play through the use of magnetic blocks, in various shapes. They come in a very handy box that flips open to build on. There are also 50 cards with designs on them, the child is encouraged to try and make the designs that are on the cards. I found that my younger children wanted my help if they were going to make the exact same design, but would happily play by themselves and create their own designs.

Toddlers love Imaginets!

Playing with blocks is such a simple, innocent playtime that you hardly even stop to think about how educational it is. Building creations with blocks is such a good way to teach a child how to think. Larger blocks should go here, smaller blocks are nestled around them to create a certain design. All of my children like to play with blocks, even my 10 year old will still get out blocks and build with them, and I encourage it all I can.

Preschool age children love Imaginets Yes, my child is playing on top of the table. :)

If you are trying to find activities to keep your younger children busy with during school time, Imaginets would be a great idea! Let them sit at the table (don’t take our example of sitting on the table), or on the floor by you and build to their hearts content while you help an older child.

You can find Imaginets at Timberdoodle for $26.99.

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Ask Caroline: Can jeans be worn modestly?

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Ask Caroline: Can Jeans be worn modestly? |

“I have always loved wearing skirts and consider them more feminine
then pants, but lately I have been having trouble finding skirts that
I consider modest. Perhaps it has to do with my body changing so much
from pregnency and birth (knit skirts are too clingy), or maybe I have
become too lax in my posture (putting feet up, sitting haphaserdly on
the floor, etc). Whatever the reason, I find myself wearing pants more
often during the week. I am finally getting ready to let go of my
maternity clothes, and need to buy some new things that fit now. Do
you consider pants modest? Do you have reccomendations for buying
modest pants? Or any other advise?” From a Reader

Ah, the great debate about jeans. This is a discussion that can quickly get out of hand as ladies feel passionately one way or the other. For some, it’s almost like a salvation issue. Others wouldn’t give slipping on their favorite pair of stone washed pants a second thought. I’m hoping our discussion and comments are charitable and kind as we chat about this. :)

I’ve always been clear that I don’t wear dresses because I feel it’s required of me as a Christian. I wear them because I feel more feminine in them, and feel they send a clear message to those around me of who I am. A long, flowing skirt is modest. There really isn’t much debate about that.

Not all skirts and dresses are modest, but longer, fuller skirts or dresses make a woman look like, well, a woman!  Her gender is clear.

While I’ve been clear on my position on Deuteronomy 22:5, I’ve always just worn skirts. It’s what I’ve done for years and it’s easy to maintain a modest look in a skirt. However I recently asked my husband what he thought about me actually wearing jeans once in a while. He was ok with it, so I have worn them some.

I don’t just throw on a pair of jeans and a shirt without thinking very carefully about what it looks like.

Wearing a tunic with a pair of jeans adds a longer layer for modesty. | I found this tunic shirt from ThredUP and was happy with how it looked with jeans. I feel comfortable wearing jeans if I have on something long, like a tunic shirt or a short dress.

The jeans are loose, not the tight jeans that hug your curves.

Playing on the slide in jeans I wore the jeans to the park to play with my children on a windy day.

Mother and daughter at park While my first preference is skirts or dresses, I do feel it is possible to wear jeans and be modest.

Why do I want to wear a tunic or short dress?

Here is a normal pair of jeans that are currently sold at Old Navy. Styles and colors of jeans change, but this style seems pretty common to me.

Where do your eyes fall when you see a pair of jeans on a woman?

Many times (not always) the eyes fall on the tightest spot, which is the crotch area, the private part of a woman that should never be on display for the world to see. The backside is just as bad…

Where do your eyes fall?

In order for me to feel modest, I want to cover up those areas.

Shirt Dress with jeans

Here is a blogger who has worn a short dress with a short sleeve halftee over her pair of jeans. It adds the length and feminine touch.

Tunic with jeans

Olivia from Fresh Modesty is another blogger who is concerned with modesty, and has chosen to layer jeans with tunics or short dresses.

There are no clear cut rules about jeans versus skirts. Only you can decide what you feel comfortable doing. It is so easy to throw a pair of jeans and a t-shirt on, but I will always encourage women to think beyond just comfort and turn their thoughts towards modesty.

**I have turned off the comments on this post, as I feel there is no point in continuing the uncharitable debates that have taken place. My husband and I will do a follow up post in a few weeks.**

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Homeschool Giveaway

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The True Essence of a Woman

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To be a woman is more then just flowery clothing, a long skirt, earrings and makeup, the ability to birth children.

Being feminine is more then just dressing up in a long skirt and wearing makeup! |

Image Source

A true woman embraces her femininity, whether she is milking cows in the barn, helping bring in hay, or cooking a meal for her family in her frilly apron. She is uniquely  feminine, and that does not change no matter what situation she finds herself in.

Doing laundry


Image Source


Her heart is set on the Lord. She does not compromise her femininity with flirtatious looks, employ feminine charms to get her own way, or use her body to tempt men.

She thinks on what is true, acts on what is virtuous, and teaches her children in the ways of the Lord. She is a true helpmeet to her husband, or a single handmaiden serving the Lord.

She may not be blessed with abundant physical beauty, but her face may be radiant from the light of the Lord.

She may not be blessed with abundant physical beauty, but her face may be radiant from the light of the Lord.

Image Source

This is what it is all about. 

The feminine, modest clothing side of things is just a coverup if your heart isn’t really set on striving to be a woman of God. Oh we all fall – I’m so incredibly weak I just shake my head somedays and pray harder.

But we have to keep a vision before us of what we are striving for.

It’s not to be a feminine character from a Jane Austen novel.

We are made to get our hands dirty, to get on our knees and mop our floors, move our furniture around, and labor for hours on end to bring forth a miracle, a precious baby. Femininity has many different “faces” and not all of them are pretty, but they are all beautiful.