Modest Monday and a Link Up!

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Polka Dot skirt and jean shirt


Tuesday was the first day I felt halfway normal again. It was amazing. I think it is the only day I’ve felt this way, but I was so grateful to be out of bed, and dressed! My husband left to run an errand and I got dressed, and put makeup on while he was gone. You should have seen the look on his face when he walked in the door and saw me! He was very shocked, in a good way! :)

I told him we needed to grab the camera quick and take a few pictures for Modest Monday! We went to a midwife visit that afternoon, and then I came home and slept for hours. I’ve been wearing lots of yoga style sweatpants around the house, thanks to my husband. He ran to walk mart and brought me home two pairs (I didn’t even ask for them!) as he heard me say it was getting hard wearing skirts in bed all the time. My children know if I’m having a good day or bad day based on if I’m in a skirt or yoga pants.

Caroline for Modest Monday pictures

Sean called his mom on Friday and asked if she could take all the children for a few days. I must admit it has been so good for me to have it quiet around the house, and be able to sleep a bunch. I sent schoolwork with the older children and they come home tonight.

Mini Flexi Clip

I’ve been wearing lots of flexi clips to pull my hair back in bed, for me a medium clip works for a ponytail, but my sister who has thinner and short hair uses a small for her ponytail.

What I Wore

Skirt – Ruffle Skirt  (Retiring at the end of the month at Deborah & Co.)

Top – Thrift Store

Sandals – Marshalls

Belt – ThredUP

Makeup – L’BRI

Mini Flexi Clip – Lilla Rose

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A Very Important Deborah and Co. Announcement!

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This has not been an easy decision to make. We have talked about it for months, and talked with our extended family and some friends about it. Finally, we just knew we needed to make the move and let our customers know….

We are not going to be offering custom sewn skirts at Deborah & Co. any longer. This doesn’t mean that Deborah & Co. is going anywhere, or that we are thinking of shutting down our website. We are actually making this announcement in conjunction with a major update to the Deborah & Co. website that has been in the works for the past few months. Offering custom skirts has been a huge labor of love to for our customers, but it’s time to move on and grow and expand our business in new ways.

upcloseruffle__37487.1351009820.1280.1280Last chance to get the maternity ruffle skirt!

There might be a chance we will have some of the skirts manufactured at some point (probably just the denim and khaki). I’m not sure when that will happen yet, but we are committed to keep working on providing you with modest clothing options.

We will keep offering the custom hemming on select skirts, like the Rainbow Denim Skirt. But the option of actually picking out your fabric and your length will not be available any longer. We are going to leave the custom skirts up until the end of the month (or so), as we want to give our customers time to order a custom skirt if they want it before they are gone. Please note – there will be no refunds or exchanges on the custom sewn skirts from this time on however. 

We are so thankful for your support as we have worked on growing our business over the years. Deborah & Co. is truly a family owned company, ran in the basement of our house, and it literally puts the food on our table. Every order is a blessing, and every customer is appreciated.

Look for exciting updates to our website in the coming days! I’m excited to see what the future holds!

Women’s Custom Sewn Skirts:

A-Line Skirt

Contrasting Ruffle Skirt

Ruffle skirt

Ruched Skirt

Maternity Custom Sewn Skirts:

A-Line Maternity Skirt

Calf length Ruffle Maternity Skirt

Ruffle Maternity Skirt

Ruched Maternity Skirt

One more thing – remember, this is the last day you can save 10% on the brand new flexi clips, and save 20% on the retiring clips! Order through the mystery hostess party and possibly be chosen as the hostess over the whole party!

Brand new Flexi Clips, Bobby Pins, and Headband just released at Lilla Rose!

Weekly Pregnancy update

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This is the first of my weekly pregnancy updates. I hope you know that I care for all of you blog readers, because I have never given week by week updates to friends or family before. :) I’m pretty private about my actual due date, so I won’t be budging on that one. I’ve given birth 3 times on my actual due dates, and I like to be a hermit the last few weeks and just be alone and get ready for baby. So I’ll let you this close to my due date – around the end of March. :) I’m in my second month of pregnancy, and counting down the weeks until the first trimester ends!

I have felt pretty horrible until about 3 days ago. I have no clue what changed, but I woke up and suddenly had some energy and didn’t throw up that day. Evenings are my worst time – it’s so hard to eat and I really want to throw up, but so far so good. I have finally been able to get out of bed, where I’ve pretty much been for several weeks, and do some homeschooling with the children. It is the best feeling ever! I still have to take a nap right after lunch, and truthfully I’m in bed more than out of it, but it’s ok.

We are still having ups and downs trying to keep my progesterone levels where they should be. I have been taking 4 progesterone shots each week, but my doctor is pretty awesome and is letting me try pills this week. It is very hard on me (emotionally and physically) to take the shots; I just really needed a little break if possible. I’m hoping that the pills work as well, but I’m prepared for the fact that I might have to go back on the shots.

The super exciting news this week is that we heard the baby’s heartbeat!!! My midwife let us stop by just to see if we could hear it, and as soon as she put the doppler on my tummy we heard it nice and strong! After we heard it, my midwife told me she wasn’t sure we would ever hear a heartbeat with this baby. :/ My HCG levels have been very low, but have risen just enough each week to give all of us some hope.

I have no clue why this pregnancy has been so different and difficult. I do know that it has given me a lot more sympathy to those who have chronic illnesses, or those going through cancer and weekly treatments. Getting your blood drawn each week, and getting shots that make you super tired is difficult, but I have hope of it ending, and I know I’m doing this to grow a baby. That’s a happy thought! I’m not going to lie though, I’ve had some super dark days, full of tears and dreary moments. The Lord has carried me through, and I’m always thankful when another day has ended and I get to go to sleep. :)

I’m not going to share any pictures this week. I just took my progesterone pill and I’m already drifting away into slumber land…but I wanted to at least get this quick update up for you all. :)

Brand New Flexi Clips, Huge Lilla Rose Sale and Mystery Hostess Party!

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Brand new Flexi Clips, Bobby Pins, and Headband just released at Lilla Rose! It is always a very exciting moment when Lilla Rose releases new items! I was thrilled to see what they have come up with! The ballet slipper clip is one that has been long requested, for all the girls that participate in ballet. The returning Flexi Of The Month clip is one of my favorites, so I gave a happy squeal when I saw it has returned!

Returning Flexi of the Month clip! The returning FOTM has such lovely, vibrant colors!

The news just gets better though!

On top of having a mystery hostess party, all of the new items are 10% off, August 21-23!

Lilla Rose is also retiring some selected items, and those are 20% off in price for the 3 day sale as well. 

Dragonfly matching flexi, headband and bobby pins! It’s always fun to have a complete matching set. The Dragonfly clip will now have a matching headband and bobby pins!

You can order through the party link here. 

A few details on the mystery hostess party….

Anyone can order through the party link, remember that Lilla Rose now accepts international orders and Paypal! However, only USA orders count towards being chosen to be the mystery hostess.

Brand new Customers in the USA with Lilla Rose can order three items, and email me what they would like their 4th item to be ($16 and under) and get it for free! Please stay loyal to your current consultant and do not switch to take advantage of this offer.

Curious as to what the hostess rewards are if you are chosen to be the hostess? Look at these awesome rewards!

Lilla Rose Party Hostess rewards You only have the chance to get these rewards if you order through the mystery hostess party!

Wondering what size clip you need? 

This chart will help you figure out what size flexi clip you need!