My June Stitch Fix Review

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It’s been awhile since I requested a Stitch Fix Box, so this was super fun to get! I made sure and took pictures of everything I got to show you, even though I only kept one thing!

If you are not familiar with Stitch Fix, here is how it works! 

First thing you do is fill out your style profile. This gives your stylist ideas on how tight or loose you want your clothes, want pricing, sizing, and color preference you have. This is also the place you link to your fashion board on Pinterest, so your stylist gets an idea of what you like! I have a board just devoted to pinning Stitch Fix items.

Now you just order your fix! You have to pay a $20 styling fee, but that fee is refunded if you end up keeping any item in your box. I always keep at least one thing, so I don’t blow through $20. Every box comes with 5 items. Stitch Fix offers clothes, shoes, accessories, jewelry, but you can specify what you want. I don’t have anything checked on my profile beside clothing, but I might try some other categories at some point!

The box will show up in a few weeks (you can schedule when you want it to arrive, but it normally takes around 2-3 weeks for the stylist to put together you box, and it to arrive). You have 3 days to try everything on, and decide what you want to keep. A postage paid envelope is included, so it’s super easy to send back! If you keep all 5 items, you get 25% off your order!

So…now it’s reveal time! Please feel free to pin anything you like below, so your own stylist will see what you might like!

Collective Concepts Darcee Peplum Blouse – Medium – $58.00 – Returned
Floral Darcee Peplum Blouse by Collective Concepts from Stitch Fix.

I really liked this style and the print. The style card that was included said to pair this with jeans, so I picked a denim skirt to wear. However, it wasn’t terribly flattering (especially a side view). I could easily see people asking if I was pregnant while wearing this shirt, so it went back! I’m actively working on losing weight now, so once I get back down to a size small I’m going to try another Peplum top!

Market & Spruce Careen V-Neck Dolman Knit Top – Medium – $48.00 – Returned

Market & Spruce Careen V-Neck Dolman Knit Top

Market & Spruce Careen V-Neck Dolman Knit Top

I really liked the colors of this top and it was really soft. However, it really did *not* look flattering on me. Definitely made me look pregnant. *sigh* Having a 10 pound baby was so hard on my stomach muscles! It’s something I’m working on!

The top was also hot for a midwest summer, and I didn’t want to keep it for fall, because I’m hoping I’ll be back in a size small again! 🙂

Loveappella Swindle Lace Arm Knit Top – Medium – $58.00 – Returned

Loveappella Swindle Lace Arm knit Top in Black

Loveappella Swindle Lace Arm knit Top in Black

Isn’t that sleeve beautiful? I was tempted to keep this, because I love the lace sleeve! However, I’m wearing very little black now, thanks to a online program I recently through (review coming soon!). Plus, it just felt large on me. So..back it went! If you like black though, it is lovely, and very soft!

41Hawthorn Cameron Button Down Blouse – Medium – $58.00 – Returned

41Hawthorn Taeron Button Down Blouse

I liked the colors of this blouse a lot. However (you knew it was coming!), I didn’t think it was flattering. It sort of reminded me of a man’s top, which I really don’t like. The style card said to pair it with a white pair of pants, so I used a white skirt instead! Once again, it was really soft and I wanted to like this top. It just didn’t bring out a happy feeling in me, so back it went.

Loveappella Carmella Knit Maxi Dress – Medium – $78.00 – Kept!

Loveappella Carmella Knit Maxi Dress - Love this!

Maxi dress from Stitch Fix.

Halftee Short Sleeve, perfect for wearing underneath sleeveless dresses and shirts!

I loved, loved, loved this dress! It was definitely a keeper. I have very few dresses in my wardrobe right now, so I was really glad to see this included. It is soft, and flattering! I wore it with a short sleeve halftee, or a short sleeve denim jacket (the halftee was much cooler!). It was totally worth getting the whole box just to find this dress! I like that it can be dressed up with a nice necklace or shrug, or kept causal. A belt would probably look cute as well!

So there you have it! My June Stitch Fix box, and I’m already looking forward to the next one! You can schedule monthly fixes to come, but I just go in and schedule them for when I want them to come.

If you hate to shop, or have very little time to get out, this might be a good option! It’s not for those families who are on super tight budgets, but if you have a monthly clothing budget, or just really need to update your wardrobe with some good quality clothes, Stitch Fix is a great option! 

Modest Monday and a Link Up!

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The highlight of this week was going to our local used homeschool book sale. I found so many awesome deals! I was pleasantly surprised to find quite a few tables offering Tapestry of Grace books, and many of them were on my list to look for. I’m enjoying our break from school, but it was fun to start thinking about the new year, and physically see the books we will be going through!

Saturday we went to IKEA with my sister, brother in law and their two boys. Taking 8 children through IKEA was crazy fun. Some moments felt more like crazy, other times it was fun. 😉 I found a stainless steel pot rack to hang over my stove, and that will help quite a bit!

Maxi dress from Stitch Fix.

Pearl earrings, to go with my pearl headband from Lilla Rose!

Halftee Short Sleeve, perfect for wearing underneath sleeveless dresses and shirts!

The full post on the latest Stitch Fix box I received recently will be up this week on the blog, but you get a look at the dress I kept! I love it, and it’s so soft and comfortable! This is the perfect example of how to wear a Halftee with short sleeves. Sleeveless maxi dresses and shirts are made modest with a Halftee, and without extra bulk and heat!

What I Wore

Dress – from Stitch Fix

Halftee – Short Sleeve Halftee from Deborah & Co.

Earrings – Meadowland Design (Etsy Store)

Pearl Headband – Lilla Rose (my favorite headbands!)

Makeup – L’BRI Pure and Natural

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Staying Content With Your Homeschool Curriculum

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Your school year has either ended, or it’s winding down. Or you might do school year round, but at some point you turn the page on a new curriculum. For many of us, it’s the season of conventions and used book sales, the time to look and touch, handle the curriculum with our own hands. We might even pick up some new curriculum just to look at it closer at a used book sale.

Staying Content With Your Homeschool Choices!

It’s a fun time of year for me. I love the planning, the dreaming, the time where everything is fresh and new. I get to see other homeschool moms interact with each other, and I always leave this season encouraged.

However – (You knew something was coming!)

I’ve found it easy to get sidetracked. Blown off the path I had decided on by something else shiny and bright. 

Oh wait! There is the Veritas Press booth. Let’s go chase it!

The Sunlight curriculum looks so appealing with all those read aloud books. My children love literature, so this must be what I need.

Abeka has been around for years, and I’m afraid I’m missing gaps in my children’s education.

Teaching Textbooks will give my children the best math education, because I can’t teach algebra. Let the computer teach it to them!

The Simply Charlotte Mason curriculum has the Charlotte Mason method all put together in the history, art, and poetry packs. This must be the answer.

Math U See teaches math in a totally different method, and I’ve heard other children love Steve Demme. I’m confident this is what we’ve been missing!

And it goes on and on and on. 

It’s so easy to get sidetracked at conventions, talking to other homeschooling moms about what works for them, and even at used book sales. You have found something that works for your family, and you planned on doing it the next year. But Mrs. Jones just told you about her shiny new curriculum that has transformed their family. And Mrs. Smith said her children’s test scores improved by switching curriculum.

Suddenly, you begin to doubt yourself. Maybe you should switch things up yourself?

I found this happen to me at the last convention we attended. It was the largest one we had been to yet (14,000 people attended it!), and almost every vendor you can think of was there. Suddenly, I was seeing all this curriculum that I had previously only seen in catalogs. My head was swimming, and I begin to question myself and my choices.

Should I switch? Tapestry of Grace has been the curriculum that has worked the best for our family, but Veritas Press has such a nice booth, and I love the literature books! (I later discovered that Tapestry of Grace uses many of the same books!).

Here are a few questions to ask yourself before you make a dramatic switch.

  1. How would I rate our previous school year? Was it one of our better years, or more stressful?
  2. Was it stressful because of life circumstances, or was the curriculum difficult to teach?
  3. Do I have the money budgeted to make a large curriculum switch?
  4. Should I switch our entire curriculum, or only switch a subject that wasn’t working well for us?
  5. Have I heard good reviews about this curriculum from families my size? A smaller size family might be in love with a certain curriculum, but it could be a horrible fit for a larger size family. Make sure you are matching up family size and keeping that in mind!

I took home all the catalogs to look at, and after the post convention fever went away, I remembered all the reasons why I love Tapestry of Grace, and will continue to stick with it. I’ve hopped from curriculum to curriculum over the past few years, looking for the right thing. I can’t switch again, especially with my oldest going into 7th grade.

Please know, the curriculum I mentioned above are all excellent companies. I even use some of the material from them myself, so this is not a negative post on any of those companies. If you use Abeka, or Math U See, or Veritas Press and it works for you, then by all means…stick with it. If you are drowning in your curriculum and the whole family is unhappy, try something new! Just don’t do it on an impulse, right at the convention. 🙂

Now that I came home, I’m working on purging curriculum for the used homeschool book sale in our area, and planning our new school year. As I’m cleaning my very messy bedroom, I’ve been watching these brand new videos on The Organized Homeschool, put out by my blogging friend Kim Sorgius, who is a master at helping people create homeschool systems that actually work. She’s a single (work at home) mom who has homeschooled her 4 kids for 12+ years and she has created an amazing new course to help others tame the homeschool chaos, too.

You’ve got to see the video of her homeschool room. She’s real, practical, and super encouraging. It’s going to shock you when you see her confession and then inspire your heart when you see how easy it is to take control of your own chaos.

Click over now and see what I’m talking about!

video image
I’m especially excited about the Portfolio Pack that is included. This is one of those items that I physically held and looked at during one of our conventions, and it was high on my wish list. So getting the digital item is great!

Modest Monday and a Link Up!

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I’m back with a real outfit! Thanks for being patient while I was on vacation! I’m going to show you my new outfit that hardly cost me anything! I went to a citywide garage sale recently, and found this black maxi dress for $2.00! I’m trying to get away from black (more on that in a later post) but I couldn’t resist getting this dress for that price.

A black striped maxi dress, with a haltee underneath for modesty!

A black striped maxi dress, with a haltee underneath for modesty!

A black striped maxi dress, with a haltee underneath for modesty!

A mint green necklace from Charming Charlie.

I like this mint green necklace and earrings set from Charming Charlie.And yes, I really should have worn a cream halftee with this outfit. I wanted to wear my 3/4 sleeve length Halftee because I got a sun burn in Florida, and my arms started to peel! Not the prettiest sight, so this sleeve length covered it nicely. 🙂

A Peacock Flexi Clip from Lilla Rose.

Oh Peacock. Why did I not think you were my style for over a year? This flexi clip is so stunning, and I’m in love with it now that I have it in person!

Just a quick reminder that today is the very last day to join the Kids Cook Real Food online class! I’m doing this with my children in June, and we are all really looking forward to it!

What I Wore

Dress – Maxi dress Robbie Bee brand

Halftee – 3/4 sleeve length from Deborah & Co.

Shoes – ThredUP

Makeup – L’BRI Pure and Natural and Younique Lip Gloss

Flexi Clip – Colors on Parade Peacock in X-Small

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Please feel free to share posts about anything concerning being a godly, feminine woman. Topics include: modesty, being a wife, mother, homeschooler, homemaker, cooking, sewing, etc.