Where I’ve Been This Past Week….

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This past week was so much fun! We went away for a family vacation, and it was nice to just be away from everything for a few days. My dad and step-mom invited us to stay at a lodge in Branson MO with them, and my sister and her family came as well.

Four Months Pregnant! I didn’t do a pregnancy update this week, but here is my week 17 picture! The mirror makes my hand look huge! See the jacuzzi behind me? Yes, I totally enjoyed using that almost every night we were there! One night I put Peace and Calming Essential Oil in it and loved how it smelled.

Silver_Dollar_CityWe went to Silver Dollar City one day and enjoyed it a lot! I had not been since I was a teenager, and it brought back so many memories of being there with my mom and family. I really appreciate the family environment that is found there, and was reminded again of how different life is from the pioneer days.

We celebrated our 12 year anniversary! We celebrated our 12 year wedding anniversary while we were gone!

We also went to the Titanic museum and the Laura Ingalls Wilder house. Sean has never read the books, and after seeing her house and learning more about her he is wanting to read the books out loud as a family. Yay! I love her books so much, and my boys read them over and over again, just like I did as a child.

The internet where we stayed was really bad. Actually everywhere we went we had really poor cell phone signal, so I was not able to do much work. I’m trying to get caught up on emails and work on new blog posts for this week!

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Lilla Rose Sitewide Sale Starts Today!!

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Lilla Rose Fall Sale!

 Lilla Rose is having a site wide sale for fall!!

You can save 10% off every single product!

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Fall Outfit with Lilla Rose!

Lilla Rose has several clips that are perfect for fall. One of my favorite is the Festive Leaf pictured in the above picture.

If you are not sure what size to get, watch this sizing and styling video for more information!

Lilla Rose Flexi Clip in a side braid | themodestmomblog.com

I’ve received a lot of feedback from ladies who said they hesitated for a long time before purchasing a flexi clip, and said they wished they would not have waited. They simply love them! These really are unique clips that do hold up hair without headaches! Now is an excellent time to purchase a flexi clip and find out for yourself how well they work!

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Casual Shoes That Go With Skirts

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Casual Shoes that go with Skirts!

Please don’t let shoes stop you from wearing skirts! I hear a lot of ladies say they don’t wear skirts because they don’t know what shoes to wear. Let me tell you something…

Growing up we were not stylish with shoes. We wore what we had to wear with our skirts. I went through a a few years as a teenager where my feet hurt all the time. I was fitted for special orthotics, and could only wear tennis shoes with them. So during the week I wore regular Nike or Reebok tennis shoes with my skirts or dresses. Did it look cute?

Not at all!

Did it make me stop wearing dresses?


If you have a conviction, and want to dress a certain way, just do it. Don’t let something like shoes get in the way!

That being said, there are good quality shoes that you can wear that look better then then a standard tennis shoe! If you have feet problems, you might not have a closet full of shoes, but if you invest in just a few good pairs they should last you awhile.

Comfortable Walking Shoes with a Skirt (Source)

These look like comfortable, basic walking shoes, and they are worn with a maxi dress!

Vintage dress with Keds(Source)

A vintage dress with blue Keds! She looks lovely.

Flats from Payless Shoe Stores

These flats from Payless are super affordable, but have really good reviews!

Bongo Woman's Flats

I’ve heard good things about these Bongo flats from Sears. They are not expensive, and the reviews say they are really comfortable. I would wear these everyday or to church.

Floral Shoes (Source)

These are so feminine looking!

Brown Mary Jane Shoes

I wear Mary Jane shoes quite often. You can look through many different styles of Mary Jane shoes on Kohls.

Circle skirt with flats

A lovely outfit with flats.

While spending money on good quality shoes can be an investment, think through how much you are on your feet. Some ladies can get by with cheaper shoes, others have to purchase higher quality shoes. Other good quality brands are Merrell, Keen, Born, and Toms.

Do you want to see what is on my wish list?


I really want to try a pair of TOMS crocheted shoes! They are so cute.

Winter is coming up on us and it does change the shoes we wear (unless you live in Florida and don’t get snow!). If we don’t have snow outside I will still wear Mary Jane style shoes with thicker socks, but I wear a lot of boots in the winter time. The next post will be about skirts and boots, so stay tuned!

I’d love to hear what your favorite everyday shoes are! 

Introducing Stackapals – DIY Block People!

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block_stack1We are so excited to introduce Stackapals! This project has been a long time in coming. Sean actually started designing these in the hopes of having them available last Christmas! Since he was still in college, homework got in the way and he wasn’t able to finish them in time. Well, now they’re done and we finally get to share them with you!


Stackapals are do-it-yourself block people toys that are as simple as they are delightful. Each character has been hand drawn and then imported into the computer for final illustration. Stackapals are designed with expressive faces and adorable clothing that make mixing and matching them bunches of fun.

Making Stackapals is super easy! You only need a few items to make these blocks and then you have an amazing gift! There are twelve characters in all – 6 boys and 6 girls and just about anybody can put a set together. Included in the PDF download are detailed instructions on how to assemble your Stackapals as well as helpful supply list links. With a little time and effort you’ll have a wonderful hand-made toy your children will enjoy for years to come.


Think of the adorable gifts you could give at Christmas time to the young children you know! The nice thing is that Stackapals are very inexpensive to make. And they’re very versatile! Not only can you make block people out of them, but you can also adhere them to magnets to stack on your refrigerator, or even wood or cardboard tiles to lay out flat on the floor or even in the car on trips!   Once you have the PDF file, print off and make as many gifts as you need! (Please note, Stackapals are for personal use only. They are not available to make and sell online or at craft fairs etc.)

Stackapals_girl_collectionStackapals Girl and Boy Set! Buy separately or purchase the bundle set and save!

Stackapals_boy_collectionWe are offering a 2 day special as we release these exciting new products! For every Bundle Set of Stackapals you purchase, you will receive our Little Character Badges program totally free! The Stackapals will be emailed to your inbox right away, and then the Little Character Badges file will be emailed to you in the evening.

Receive Little Character Badges ebook for free!If you have a 3-5 year old child, Little Character Badges is a fun way to motivate and encourage your child towards good behavior, while still keeping them accountable in their incorrect behavior. This offer is available Monday and Tuesday, October 13th and 14th only!

Stackapals make excellent building blocks for children! We hope your children will enjoy Stackapals as much as ours do. It’s not just our youngest that loves them – our 4 and 6 year old girls love mixing and matching the fun characters. (We’ve even caught  our 9 and 11 year old sons sit down with them. :)

You can purchase the Stackapals Bundle Set here.