Modest Monday and a Link Up!

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Maxi skirt and blouse

It’s been a busy week! Since we are on a school break I’ve been conquering the house! :) A lot of different things have inspired me to do a big purge, so I’ve been going room by room and have quite a huge pile of things to get rid of. Between taking care of Sophia and doing this purge, that’s about all I’m getting done each day. Our goal is to have a garage sale the end of this month.

My children make me laugh and I can't imagine life without them!

The children are happy to have downtime to play. Even though we are on school break, I’m still catching my boys reading through the Usborne World History book and telling me all sorts of interesting facts. Carrianna is reading lots of Dick and Jane stories to herself, and music lessons of violin and cello still keep going on over the summer. Learning never ends!

Flexi Clips are wonderful for busy moms!

I’m thankful for Flexi Clips! They make fixing my hair as a busy mom so easy. :)

I love sandal weather! The Essie Nail Polish color for 2015 is some of my favorite colors!

I love sandals! I found these at Marshalls last year. The nail polish color is from Essie’s 2015 Spring color line.

What I Wore

Skirt – Maxi skirt from Kohls (found on ThredUP, a gently used clothing store online)

Blouse – Thrift Store

Tank – Undercover Mama Nursing Tank

Necklace – Mialisia

Earrings – Mialisia

Sandals – Marshalls

Flexi Clip – Lilla Rose

 Makeup – L’BRI Pure and Natural and Smashbox

Link Up Time!

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Feminine Friday (Lots of Good Outfits!)

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I’m excited about this week’s Feminine Friday. I’m inspired myself! If you want to know where you can find these items, just click on the links!

Delightful in Teal - The Modest Mom

Delightful in Teal

Skirt ~ Blouse ~ Cami ~ Sandals ~ Bobby Pins ~ Necklace ~ Earrings  Chapstick

I want this whole outfit! Well, almost!  I’m not sure about the necklace since I have never tried statement type necklaces, but I would totally wear everything else! :)  

Simple, classic outfits that look modern yet modest are a favorite of mine. I like being able to homeschool the children, yet walk out the door for music lessons and look put together. I would wear an outfit like this at home or running errands.

I just wouldn’t scrub the floors or a dirty bathroom in this outfit. 😉

Breezy Coral & Black - The Modest Mom

Breezy Coral and Black

Skirt ~ Blouse ~ Halftee Tank ~ Sandals ~ Purse ~ Earrings ~ Flexi Clip

When I was shopping at Costco yesterday there was a mom there with her young children. We smiled at each other several times at the food court, because we both had on long maxi skirts and this outfit reminds me of her! Sometimes you can just feel a common bond between women when you are out shopping, and you wish you could stop and chat!

The sandals in this outfit as SO cute, as well as the earrings. They come in several different colors, including dark blue.  I’ve been looking for a dark blue pair of earrings, these might be perfect!

Spring-y in May - The Modest Mom

Spring-y in May

Skirt ~ Cardigan ~ Cami ~ Belt ~ Scarf ~ Sandals ~ Earrings ~ Flexi Clip 

I have a maxi skirt like the one above and really like! Putting the rose belt with it is a great idea!

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I hope you have a blessed weekend!

Lilla Rose Sale and New Products!!

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It’s always exciting when Lilla Rose introduces new products. I’m never disappointed, because they come up with the neatest designs!
Two day sale at Lilla Rose! They are introducing a new color line, solid colors for the different seasons!

Today they are releasing a whole new line of flexi clips called the Color Basics. I’ve long wanted a line of solid color flexi clips, so I was thrilled to see these being released. Pick the color you wear the most of, and you have the perfect hair accessory that is not only pretty, it’s practical!

Thursday and Friday only you can receive 10% off the new color line, plus you get free shipping on any order of $40 or more! 

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Add a mini or x-small flexi clip to help keep it from slipping!

I’ve had people email me after they receive their first flexi clip. They are really surprised with how high quality these clips are, and that they really do work!

Festive Poinsettia Flexi Clip

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When I had my last baby I talked to the owner of Lilla Rose a few days afterwards. It was totally business related, but he found out I had just had a baby, so guess what showed up on my doorstep the next day?

A big bouquet of flowers from Lilla Rose!

I was so shocked that a company would go above and beyond what is required of them and treat their consultants with such kindness.

You can read more about joining Lilla Rose in a post I wrote a few years ago called Five Reason You Should Become a Lilla Rose Consultant. Or you can watch the video below!

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How To Survive The First Six Weeks!

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How To Survive The First Six Weeks of your Baby's Life!

I did it. It’s my 6th time to survive the first six weeks after a baby has been born.

There are a lot of emotions that surround the first six weeks of a baby’s life. A mom goes through a lot to get the baby here into the world, but she is suddenly at the beck and call of a little human being who needs her day and night. It doesn’t matter how exhausted she is; diapers need changed, the baby needs fed yet again, the diaper exploded so the sheets need washed, the baby spit up and needs new clothes…the list can go on.

It’s the most wonderful thing in the entire world. Seriously.

In the midst of those moments that seem so overwhelming, she experiences her baby’s first smile, she sees her baby prefer mama over anyone else, she memorizes every little detail on that tiny face.

In short, she falls in love with her baby even more over those six weeks, and it helps her through all the difficult moments.

Having a new baby can be overwhelming, but it's also the most wonderful thing ever! Here are some tips to help get you through the first six weeks!

After having six babies I thought I would pass on my most important tips that help me survive.

1. There is a reason everyone says this – it really does go so fast! Stop and enjoy the newborn days because they’re over in a blink. You never get these days back, and the memories you create are priceless. I purposely slowed down after Sophia was born. I cut back on blogging and my husband stepped in and helped ship the massive amount of orders we had with Deborah & Co. since we were bonus partners with the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle.

I’m still on slow mode, just adding in a few more things now that she is finally sleeping!

2. Accept that you will have massive mommy brain. It might just get worse the more children you have, but I have had terrible mommy brain since Sophia has been born! Sometimes I feel like I shouldn’t even talk, I can barely get my children’s names out correctly. Don’t even think about going shopping for specific items unless you have a list made out.

In all honestly, I’ve struggled feeling really dumb since Sophia was born. I’ve ended a few conversations with my husband frustrated (not at him!) because I just couldn’t express myself clearly. My husband is quick to encourage me and I know it does get better!

By the end of the first six weeks you will feel amazing, and have more energy to dress up your baby and take it out more!

I love this headband and matching booties! They came from this Etsy Store.

3. It’s ok to cry once in awhile. Hormones are still raging and the tears might flow. A few times I cried without a good reason. I was simply tired and a little thing made me cry. It can be healthy to cry instead of keeping it all in. If you have true postpartum depression, make sure you seek some help! I only had a touch of it with my second child, but it can be hard to feel blue when you have a new baby to love on.

4. Use paper plates, order pizza, have simple meals like BBQ chicken wings and cooked potatoes, parent from the couch, and accept help from others the first few weeks!

It doesn't always come naturally for a baby to sleep by itself! You have to gently work with the baby to help it to start sleeping.

5. If the baby won’t sleep in the bassinet, consider letting it sleep with you in bed until it gets older. I don’t like co-sleeping forever as neither my husband or I sleep the best with the baby in bed with us. However when they are fresh from heaven, they always stay snuggled up next to me.

6. Relax. All those things that make you hop onto google, call your midwife/pediatrician, or send knots to your stomach? They are probably all normal. The first few days Sophia was gagging and choking on spit up a lot. Even though she was my 6th I still asked my midwife if this was normal. Sometimes you just forget, or you may be so tired that everything is a much bigger deal than it should be. Of course problems do pop up, but a lot of times it is nothing to worry about.

Finally, remember that your baby is a fragile little person, they are not crying on purpose! They have true needs that should be met as soon as possible. There are always exceptions (taking a quick shower or eating dinner as fast as humanly possible!), but as mothers we are put on this earth to take care of our children. I’m 100% against the notion that babies need trained the first few months of life. As difficult as your baby might be, you don’t understand what discomfort that baby might be feeling. If you get frustrated, call someone or walk away for just a minute. Don’t be upset at your baby!