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Sunday was a super long day, we had a late meeting at church that my husband was in charge of. I wasn’t planning on attending, but ended up going and came home and went straight to bed. My husband always knows I’m extra tired if I’m ok with skipping Modest Monday posts. :)

Maternity Denim Skirt with Boots

I wore this outfit to a midwife apt. and love how comfortable it is! The skirt is a new maternity skirt I found, and the panel is a stretchy knit that goes over my whole tummy right now. I’m really particular about skirts still covering my knees when I sit down. This one does, and that is hard for me to find!

Did I mention we are now selling this classic Jane maternity skirt at Deborah & Co? I’m excited about it! I love wearing it with boots right now, but I know it will look cute with sandals, wedges, or Mary Jane type shoes in the spring and summer.

The weather has been cold here so I’ve been bundling up good! One day we were just staying home and I put some maternity jeans on instead of a skirt. Halfway through the day I went and changed back into my Rainbow denim maternity skirt, as it was so much more comfortable than jeans. I’ve found I can stay just as warm with leggings under a skirt. I normally wear these fleece lined leggings, but I’ve picked up some maternity leggings from ThredUP that I’ve been using. They are not as warm, but they work.

Modest Monday link up!

My hair has been pretty basic lately, just getting up and twisting my bangs back felt like a huge accomplishment on this day. :) My bangs are slowly growing and I’m happy I can do a few more styles pulling them back now.

What I Wore

Skirt – Classic Jane Maternity Skirt from Deborah & Co.

Long Sleeve Tee – Gap Brand from ThredUP

Tunic Shirt – Gap brand from ThredUP

Leggings – Maternity ones I found on ThredUP

Boots – Zulily

Earrings –  Silver hoops from Kohls

Bobby Pin –  Lilla Rose

(I used a bobby pin from Lilla Rose to hold my twisted bangs back. They are really secure and work well for slippery hair!)

Makeup – I had very little on this day, but what I did have came from L’BRI Pure and Natural

I just have to share about these new scarves we just got in at Deborah & Co. for spring and summer! 

Lace Scarves for spring and summer!

This Cotton Lace Scarf is available in three colors. The lace is just gorgeous, I can picture so many beautiful spring outfits with these scarves!

Cotton Lace Infinity Scarf

This Cotton Lace Infinity Scarf is available in four different colors. Both of these scarves are good for people that don’t like a huge bulky scarf.

I’d love to hear which one is your favorite!

You might want to visit our whole accessories page, we have a lot of new headbands added for spring and summer also!

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Why We Love the “All About Reading” Program!

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We love using"All About Reading" in our homeschool days! We are currently teaching our third child to read, and this is the best program I've tried!

I view potty training and teaching reading in about the same light. In other words, I dread it. Thankfully though, the third time around has been so much easier with the “All About Reading” program!

With our oldest son I tried several different reading programs. I always grew up hearing stories of how I was reading the Little House books when I was 6 and I sort of expected the same out of my children. My son was going on 8 by the time he started reading really fluently. Now I can’t keep him out of books!

Our second son basically taught himself how to read. I started him on the basics and he took off by himself. There are pluses and minuses to that. We didn’t keep going with a phonics based program as long as we should have, so he doesn’t have some of the phonics rules in his head to go back and rely on.

When it was time to teach our third child to read, I was really dreading it. I was hoping that teaching a girl would be easier. Honestly, I haven’t found that gender makes a difference here. : )

My preschool age child loves to use the Pre-Reading level with All About Reading!

Olivia doing an activity from All About Reading Pre-Reading

The curriculum that I’m using, however, has made a considerable difference. It’s helped my attitude as a teacher and made our reading lesson time go a lot smoother.

All About Reading has an extremely solid program that is so incredibly teacher friendly! I couldn’t be happier with the program and plan on using it to teach the rest of our children how to read.

As a busy homeschool mom I don’t want an elaborate $300 reading program that comes with a huge kit I have to keep together and use. I’ve also tried the highly recommended basic reading programs (like “Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons”) and they just don’t work well for us. This has the perfect mixture of learning and fun activities, plus the price is affordable.

Some Reasons I Love “All About Reading”

1. It tells the teacher exactly what to say. This is huge for me. With five children there is a lot of activity going on during the day. We might be doing our reading lesson on the couch together, but the younger two girls are playing on the floor right by us, and the older two have their grammar DVD going on in the other room. I need a program that is super easy and very clearly laid out. I never struggle with knowing what I’m supposed to do or say with All About Reading. I feel confident as a teacher using this program.

2. The lessons build on each other slowly. For the most part I think the lessons don’t move too fast. In the middle of Level 1 we had to stop for a few months and just focus on readers and reviewing words, as she wasn’t ready to keep going. Once we picked it back up she was more than ready to keep going. Every child is unique, just being sensitive to the struggles and strengths of your child is important.

3. I love the flash cards and tiles that go along with the series – and who can forget the activity pages! I think the combination of all three of these things makes the program very unique. Carrianna loves it when I let her use chocolate chips to mark letters on certain activity pages. It makes the program even more fun! :)

4. The curriculum is not foolish. I’ve said this before and I’m sure I’ll say it again – finding curriculum that is not full of silly illustrations and foolish text is vitally important to our family. This curriculum can be funny, and it grabs the attention of the child (Ziggy the Puppet is wonderful!) but it doesn’t cross over into foolish nonsense.

5. Writing is not included in reading. I love this aspect of it! I’ve found that your ability to write and your ability to read does not always come at the same time. I’d rather add in my own writing program, and the amount I want my child to do separately. We use A Reason for Handwriting and love it!

6. There is no teacher prep time needed each day. When you receive the set in the mail you have to tear the flash cards apart along the perforated line and put in the box that holds the cards. Other than that you can just open the book and start the program! Some days you have to cut apart little word cards and staple them together, but I do that while my child is reading to me.

We love using All About Reading in our homeschool days! After trying several different programs this is my favorite!

7. It does not take a huge chunk of time out of our day! With soon to be six children, I don’t have an hour to devote to a reading program for one child. It takes us about 15-20 minutes to do a lesson, sometimes 30 if she is struggling with new words.

We have just a few lessons left with All About Reading Level 1 and will be moving right along to Level 2. Marie Ripple, the creator of these amazing programs has also written a spelling program to go along with the reading program (I wrote a review about it here). She suggests getting through the level 1 reading, and then starting the All About Spelling level 1 with the All About Reading level 2. So we will be doing that next week!

I appreciate that Marie Ripple does not stress grade levels. Carrianna is in first grade and will turn seven next month. I know some children have already gotten through level one by now, but she really needed to take this pace and I’m ok with where we are at! If she is anything like her older brother, she is on the verge of just taking off in reading and will spend her afternoons curled up on the couch reading. :)

All About Reading Readers

If you are looking for a new reading program I highly recommend giving this a try! This company has an unbelievable return policy – they give you a full year to return the material for your full purchase price, excluding shipping. What outstanding customer service!

Are you overwhelmed with what level to start at? Every level has a free placement test, plus they also offer downloads of each book (teacher guide, student activity book, and readers) so you can get a better idea of how the books are laid out!

*My disclaimer…because you just have to put it in! I received All About Reading Level 2 to review, but all thoughts are my own and I was not paid to write this review!*

How would one of you like to win an All About Reading level of your choice? Did I mention they have four levels, plus the Pre-Reading level? You can enter to win through the Rafflecopter below (limited to USA and Canada only please).
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Pregnancy Update: Eight Months! {and a giveaway!}

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Eight months and counting…I’ll be honest and say I’m so ready to be done. It’s really hit me this past week, the days are starting to slow down, I’m not getting much sleep because I can’t get comfortable and I keep getting sick with a cold! It’s all worth it, this has just been a really rough pregnancy and I’m ready to hold my baby in my arms!

My midwife has other ideas though, and said no way am I having this baby anytime soon. :) I know deep down I want to go full term, I’m just tired and emotional! My husband is being so sweet and patient with me, and trying to encourage me all he can.

Eight Months Pregnant!

I was thankful that we discovered last week why I’ve been so fatigued lately. My iron levels are low, they are actually below the safe levels my midwife requires to have a home birth. So I’m working hard on getting the levels up. I’ve tried taking Floradix before several times and never seen very positive results with it. So this time I’m trying Garden of Life Iron, Chlorophyll mixed in orange juice, and Ferrochel Iron Chelate.

I am doing something new this pregnancy and recently started wearing a maternity splint. It is the best thing ever! I wear it all day long, and it really helps me not feel as uncomfortable. I also feel like my back posture is better when I wear it. I found mine used on Ebay. I didn’t realize that I should have ordered the same size as pre-pregnancy, so I have to wrap mine around in the back. It works, but if anyone is going to look for one make sure you order the size shirt you wore before you got pregnant!

Tummy Rub Butter, the ultimate butter cream for pregnant tummies!

Another new thing I’m using this pregnancy is tummy oil and tummy butter. Mama Mio sent me this to try and it is such a treat! I don’t normally go for tummy creams in pregnancy, but I read that The Tummy Team recommended these creams and I trust their suggestions.

Tummy Rub Oil for Pregnant Tummies!

Before I started using these products I was having such trouble with dry, stretched out skin on my tummy. It even got to the point that it would start bleeding in spots. Ouch! I was using some other essential oils and lotions, but it just wasn’t working the best. Once I started using the Tummy Oil and the Tummy Butter, it’s like night and day. Yes, my skin is still tight and stretched because I’m 8 months pregnant, but it is no longer dry and itchy. I can’t recommend these products enough! You can use them for four months after giving birth, to help tone your skin. I will be using it for sure!

I’m super excited to be able to giveaway a bottle of the Tummy Oil and Tummy Butter to a reader! This is a giveaway for USA only, thanks to Mama Mio. Enter through the Rafflecopter post below.
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Modest Monday and a Link Up!

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Some of you probably have inches of snow outside and can’t believe I wore such a summery looking outfit! We had one short time of really nice weather here in the midwest, and I took advantage of it! I know it’s not the season for white skirts but I don’t strictly follow all the fashion rules. :)

I didn’t get an up close picture of my necklace, but it is a locket from Origami Owl. I made a goal of reaching Director as a Lilla Rose consultant in November and my sweet upline sent me a locket as a special gift for reaching it. It is the only Origami Owl necklace I own, and I really like the meaning behind it.

It can be hard to find clothes that fit the third trimester! This white maxi skirt was really comfortable to wear.

I’m slowly getting to the point where I have to work hard at putting together a comfortable outfit that looks ok. I don’t want to wear skin tight outfits that hug my tummy, but I don’t want to wear a sack either. Maxi skirts, my favorite denim maternity skirt and a few maxi dresses are my mainstay right now.

Modest Monday link up!

Shadows under eyes = third trimester. I think most pregnant mamas can understand that!

What I Wore

Skirt – Motherhood White Maxi skirt I found at ThredUP

Top – Motherhood Blouse, again from ThredUP

Shoes – ecoo brand I found on ThredUP (My whole wardrobe does not come from ThredUP, despite what it may appear. lol)

Flexi Clip – I teased my hair and pulled it back into a mini flexi clip.

Makeup – L’BRI Pure and Natural – During these winter months, and pregnancy hormones my favorite skincare product has been the Rejuvenating Facial Peel. It’s actually kind of gross how much dry skin it will peel off my face! My makeup blends in better if I do the peel several times a week.

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