The first Modest Monday on the new blog!! 🙂 I’m so glad you all like the new look.

This weekend has been extremely busy and I’m so glad that Monday morning is here! A fresh new week to start over and try to be the wife and mama that I continually strive towards. The Lord is good to give us these new beginnings.


Blouse-Blue Pinstripe Blouse 

Skirt-Guinevere Skirt 

Shoes-Mary Jane Hush Puppies 

Link Up Time! 

Please feel free to share posts about anything concerning being a godly feminine woman. Topics include:   modesty, being a wife, mother, homeschooler, homemaker, cooking, sewing, ect.

No business links please!

Growing Homepleated poppy


7 Comments on Modest Mondays & A Link Up!

  1. Please excuse me, but I am just starting to learn wordpress and I am not sure where I am supposed to link up at. 🙂 I added your link to my post, but I can’t seem to add mine to yours. Please help! Thanks! ~Jordan

  2. Ah! I also have Mary Janes from Hush Puppies! Choosing shoes is what I struggle with most when putting together an outfit, so I was thrilled to see it looks as though I finally got one right! 🙂 I wear them with just about everything.

  3. Caroline — Thank you SO much for the link-up opportunity every week. It has helped grow my traffic tremendously and connect with other modest moms. I’m enjoying getting to know everyone.

    I tried to copy and paste your button on my blog post, like I have done every other time, and it just isn’t coming out right. I’m fairly sure I’m doing it just the same as always. Is there a problem of going between your wordpress site and my blogger site? Thanks!

    • I’m so sorry Meghan, I’m guessing I need to look at my code again and change it. I should hopefully have it fixed for next week! Thank you for letting me know.

  4. Caroline, I love that outfit pictured here! The colors and style is great. I will have to check out your site. I just bought some skirts so hopefully I will have a good size in mind to order online. This may be my treat when I lose some weight! 😉

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